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1-2 September 1996

Welcome to the second edition of the ZVA (Zichydorf Vi11age Association) News. The ZVA was formed on the Internet by Barry Anwender, Laura Grzyb, and Glenn Schwartz with the assistance of John Movius and Bob Madler in February, 1996. Barry, Laura, and Glenn are all descended from Zichydorfers who settled near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada around the turn of the century.




Since our last report in April we have been in contact with many Zichydorfers in Canada and the USA. We have been able to help some directly and put others in touch with soul-mates searching the same lines. We have contacted the Zichydorf association in Germany by regular mail, but it is basically inactive. We have not yet established any useful contacts in South America or Australia, but tomorrow is another day. If you can help us establish some links, please e-mail us through the ZVA home page.




We have added several pages in our few short months of existence, thanks to Martha Remer Connor, Glen and Shirley Gibbard, and Barry Anwender. More are on the way. Glenn Schwartz is working on a listing of Zichydorfers in Saskatchewan local history books and, with the help of fellow Reginans, is planning a listing of Reginans from Zichydorf. If you would like to contribute something, please contact Glenn at the address on the ZVA home page.  


Geschicte der Gemeinde Zichydorf, the history of the community of Zichydorf, by Johann Achtzehner, is being translated into English by Liz Hugel (nee Grob) of Regina. Liz, a one-time resident of Zichydorf, was given permission by the author to publish a translation. She is well along in her task, but with a family and career, progress is difficult. This fall we will discuss with her what we can do to help and whether she will permit us to post it on the Net. This valuable little book provides a complete picture of life in Zichydorf from its founding until after World War II. It describes the founding and growth of the town, complete with local customs, population statistics, and names of municipal office holders. More on this as events warrant.  



Many Zichydorf families settled around Regina, and very many of today’s Reginans can trace their roots back to these early settlers. Unfortunately, most of them do not know their shared history. This spring we held a meeting of a core group. Enthusiasm was high for organizing a larger and more formal group for information sharing, but the consensus was to concentrate our efforts in the fall. We are now in the process of distributing posters advertising our group’s existence at sites around the city where genealogists or German people gather. We hope to establish a network of Zichydorfers that will cooperate in recapturing their past. We are also attempting to interest the local newspaper in doing a story on our group and encouraging people to join us. We also plan a phone or mail campaign to contact local people with Zichydorf surnames.




Barry Anwender, essentially the founder of the ZVA, will be leaving us for some time. Barry had completed two years of study toward the Roman Catholic priesthood before being seriously injured in a car accident. Issues surrounding that event have now been resolved and Barry is resuming his studies. Unfortunately for us, time and cash will be in short supply and Barry will have to take a temporary respite. His enthusiasm remains high and I am sure he will be back with us when circumstances allow. GOOD LUCK BARRY. WE WILL MISS YOU AND EAGERLY AWAIT YOUR RETURN TO OUR GROUP.