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Purpose & Goals

PURPOSE: Gather, share, and preserve information about Zichydorf and the immediately surrounding area and the families whose histories are associated.

1. Complete each individual member’s family history.
2. Put these histories in context – pre-Zichydorf, Zichydorf, post-Zichydorf, relationships to other families, what became of those who stayed behind.
3. Create a legacy of information for future generations.

OBJECTIVES – methods of achieving goals:
1. Search out others with information about Zichydorf and families from Zichydorf.
…a. Internet – web pages, e-mail lists
…b. letter-writing, telephone calls, email
…c. awareness campaign – media, mail, telephone, attendance at genealogical events
2. Create database of what information is available and who has it to facilitate sharing and avoid duplication of effort.
…a. post to Internet
…b. make available on paper to those not connected
3. Accumulate physical resources.
…a. WHAT
—— Zichydorf church records on microfilm and CD
—— books – Achtzener’s and others, translations if possible
—— maps – spanning time and geography
—— family and local histories
—— Internet
—— Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library