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Links to Other Zichydorf sites

  • Zichy family on Wikipedia

    Wikipedia has a brief article on the Zichy family here

  • Drei Dörfer im Banat

    Barbara Hebenstreit, daughter of Josef Wüst (author of the Georgshausen history ) has created a web site devoted to Georgshausen, Setschanfeld, and Alt Letz. There are English and German versions.…

  • ZVA on Faceboook

    Follow our Facebook page at

  • Setschanfeld

    ZVA member Amy Nichols has started a new Setschanfeld page. Check it out at

  • 2014 Group Tour to Banat

    Follow our 2014 Banat group tour at

  • Another Zichy family page

    Another Zichy family page similar to the Wiki page

  • 2010 Group Tour to Banat

    Join our 2010 group tour to Banat at

  • Zichydorf at

    John Busch site at the DVHH

  • 2008 Group Tour to Banat

    Join our group tour to Banat in 2008 at

  • 2006 Group Tour to Banat

    Join our 2006 group tour to Banat at