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Most of this section of the site is dedicated to the village of Zichydorf in Banat. However, several nearby villages were very closely tied to Zichydorf by family and church. In particular, we consider the villages of Georgshausen/Györgyhaza/Velika Greda and Setschanfeld/Szecsanfalva/Seconovo/Duzine to also be under our mandate. Other nearby villages of interest include Deutsch Stamora, Morawitza, and Urmenyhaza. You will also find material and links to other villages which have family ties to these villages.

History and Genealogy are so intertwined that it is often difficult to separate them. But to help you narrow your search, we have attempted to group resources into one of these two categories. Note that many resources do not relate directly to Zichydorf, but to the surrounding area. These sources should provide context to your search and may relate to villages that your ancestors lived in before or after Zichydorf.

ZVA has established a collection of books and other materials with the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. The listing for these books is a good starting point for all your research. Many of them are written in German and either out of print or difficult to obtain in North America. Because of this, some of them are for reference only. In these cases, you will have to engage someone to do lookups for you. Other books are available in North America. Reviews of most of these books appear in ZVA newsletters (access requires registration). Check ZVA’s list at left or the SGS Library Catalog here.