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1-3 November 1996


The ZVA began In February, 1996 as a few Zichydorfers interested in the history of the village and its families. Over the past few months this small group has expanded the circle. On September 29, 1996 the ZV A took a giant step forward by formalizing its existence with the election of officers and a statement of purpose.

There are many Zichydorfers interested in their family history, but we have not been working together. Hopefully that will change in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Please read on to learn more about the ZVA and its future plans.


At the founding meeting Glenn Schwartz was elected President and Laura Grzyb was elected Treasurer. Unfortunately for the ZVA, Barry Anwender, the third founding member on the Internet, had to reduce his involvement due to the resumption of his studies for the priesthood. We look forward to seeing Barry occasionally for the next few years and welcoming him back full time in the future.


Since Its beginning in February, 1996 and continuously until the official founding meeting in September, the interested parties discussed what they wanted the ZVA to be. At the founding meeting we agreed to the following statement of purpose.

PURPOSE: To gather, share, and preserve information about Zichydorf and the immediately surrounding area and the families whose history is associated.


A. Complete each Individual member’s family history.

B. Put these histories in context – pre-Zichydorf, Zichydorf, post-Zichydorf, relationships to other families, what became of those who stayed behind.

C. Create a legacy of information for future generations.

OBJECTIVES – methods of achieving goals:

A. Search out others with information about Zichydorf and families from Zichydorf.

a. Internet – web pages, e-mail lists

b. letter-writing

c. awareness campaign – media, mail, telephone campaign, presentations at genealogical events

B. Create a database of what information is available and who has it to facilitate sharing and avoid duplication of effort.

a. post to Internet

b. make available on paper to those not connected

C. Accumulate physical resources.


– Zichydorf church records on microfilm

– books -Achtzener’s and others, translations if possible

– maps – spanning time and geography

– family and local histories



– Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library


Aren’t the ZVA’s lofty goals going to cost me money?

Maybe yes, maybe no, but we hope you will contribute to the cause. ZVA aims to help all Zichydorf researchers, whether paid members or not. However, it will take some financial resources to accumulate research materials and carry on correspondence. We hope those who stand to benefit will contribute. The founding meeting agreed to the following VOLUNTARY dues:

-one-time initiation fee of $25. ZVA will, in turn donate this money in the member’s name to the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Special Purchase fund. Members will receive a tax receipt and ZVA can designate what resources will be purchased with that money. You do not have to be a member of SGS to use their library.

-annual fee of $10 for administration, postage, long distance, rental of microfilm, etc.

Why should you bother to pay voluntary dues?

Because our Association has been founded in a spirit of cooperative effort to enhance and coordinate the research of us all. And because the more we are able to accomplish, the more it benefits you.

What if you are far from the location of the resources?

Others researching their own families will turn up information of benefit to us all. And local researchers will be able to do look-ups for you in a greater resource base than you could accumulate yourself.

So please, make out a cheque to The Zichydorf Village Association and mail it today to the address at the end of this newsletter.


We have assumed that the people we have regular contact with would want their names, addresses, and research interests publicized so that others with the same interests can contact them. If you have received this on paper, it will include a list of active Zichydorf researchers. If you have received it by e-mail, the list will be posted at our web site in a few days. If you DO NOT want this Information publicized contact Glenn ASAP. If your name is not on the list, but you want it included in the future, or if you wish to add, delete, correct or revise information, let Glenn know.

Also included with this newsletter is a ZVA registration form. If you have not already done so, please complete and return it so we can better serve you.


As noted in our statement of purpose, we wish to collect in one place a comprehensive library of Zichydorf family histories and make it available to researchers looking for connections. We expect that, at some point it may be published on the Internet, on paper, or both.

We understand that some people may be concerned that their hard earned research will be stolen without attribution. We guarantee that any ZVA publication will credit the appropriate researcher and encourage others to do the same. And remember that, at some point, you intend to make your own information public, at which point it will be just as well exposed. Furthermore, you may very well benefit substantially from having others connect with your research and fill in some blanks for you.

ZVA would not propose to tell all the details that you would include in a family history book. Just birth, marriage, and death dates with a few essential details such as when the family came to Zichydorf, when it left, and where it went

If you absolutely insist that you do not want your research published, clearly mark it “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” and submit it anyway. We can still use it to do look-ups and make connections for individual follow-up. We would prefer freedom of action, but will accept some constraints to acquire the information. Please submit yours on paper or electronically as soon as possible.


For those of you in the Regina area, we hope to coordinate microfilm orders at the Family History Library for better efficiency. Let us know if you have ordered in a film that may be of interest to others and we will spread the word. Several people may be able to use it at the same time instead of each ordering individually. The FHL librarian has indicated that she would be willing to bring some films in on permanent loan if there were sufficient interest.

At our next meeting, we will discuss several issues related to microfilms. Which films should we order permanently? Who will coordinate ordering films? Should we use ZVA funds to order films for the group where applicable? One way to ensure the FHL will order the Zichydorf films is to offer to transcribe them. This would be a tremendous resource for Zichydorf researchers. Is there sufficient interest to undertake this project?


Interested in visiting your ancestral village? Glenn is planning a group tour in 1998, either in June to take in the Donauschwaben Treffen in Ulm, or in September to coincide with the annual Zichydorf reunion. It would include a week in Germany and a week to travel to and tour around Zichydorf. Individuals could tack on additional time at their option. Sound like fun? Let Glenn know if you are interested. It will help the planning to have an Idea of how many people would go. The more the merrier and the better the price.


Laura recently received an e-mail from a fellow who lives in Sweden, but was born and raised in the 60s in Zichydorf, although he knows it as Plandiste. He frequently visits family there and has offered to help out where possible.

His family came from Macedonia where their village had been destroyed by German and Bulgarian troops. They were relocated by the government without knowing where they were going or what they would find. Only when they arrived, did they learn what had happened to our people.


We all have enough meetings and other responsibilities without adding one more. ZVA wants to be a facilitator for Zichydorf researchers, not an onerous duty. Therefore, expect to meet only 3-4 times per year for a minimal amount of business and a maximum amount of socializing. Most of our contact will probably be between individual on the researchers list. Try to bring at least one more Zichydorfer to each meeting.

Next meeting

Sunday, November 24, 1996, 2pm, St. Timothy School library. 280 Sangster Blvd. Remember to bring along another Zichydorfer!


mail: 2274 Baldwin Bay, Regina, SK S4V 1 H2, Canada

e-mail: OR