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10-1 January 2005


Just before Christmas, I received 20 CDs from Laszlo Rudolf! These are the long-awaited digital pictures from the Bela Crkva archives. They cover not only the 1850-1900 period that we have long sought, but also the 1789-1850 period available on microfilm from the Family History Library. The image quality is excellent! In addition, I have six CDs that Laszlo previously sent with images that he took with the camera we gave him of the 1900-1950 books at

Ürmenyhaza and the cemetery headstones. We now have a complete record of the Zichydorf church books from the founding of the village until its demise!

With 56 subscribers to the CD project at 26 CDs each, we were looking at 1,500 CDs and a much higher postage bill than expected. It was likely that we would have to ask for additional funds to cover the cost. However, Laura Grzyb found that she could paste the .jpg files into a .pdf file and save three quarters of the space with no detectable loss in image quality. She is working on this now and I will start copying the files and mailing them out as soon as she is finished.

A couple of members have offered to host the CD files on a passworded website. Members who have paid for their CDs could receive a password and download the files and make their own CDs. This would save additional funds for the Association, but cost individual members a few dollars. We won’t make this mandatory for everyone, but if you would like to receive your files this way, please let me know and I will make arrangements.

This is tremendous victory achieved by the patience and perseverance of a group acting together toward the same goal. This is what our association is all about. Congratulations to us all!


I apologize once again to those of you awaiting word on the tour. The responses to my last query indicated that, except for one person, everyone was willing to wait until 2006. There was no clear preference for May or September. My time is simply too heavily committed to continue with this project now, but I am retiring in April, 2005, and will make it a priority at that time. Thank you all for your patience.

Until now, I have sent all the tour correspondence to everyone. I intend to shorten the mailing list to only those who have expressed interest. If you are interested, but have not yet communicated your interest to me, please do so now to remain on the contact list.


We have made some progress on this issue. Until recently, this issue had not made it onto the Victoria Club Board’s agenda due to other priorities. While a decisions was deferred until Spring, at least we are now on the radar screen.


The centennial book has been one of the victims of my time constraints. I do not expect it to be ready until the fall of 2005. Again, my apologies for the delay. Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn as soon as possible to coordinate your efforts. Submit your ideas for a book title and win a FREE BOOK!

Please submit your old family traditional recipes to Tim Novak, 2903 Quinn Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 2W2, Phone: 306-522-2558, E-mail:


szló Rudolf is coming to Regina in October, 2005 for the SGS convention. He is hoping to raise some travel funds from his friends. We contributed $300 to his last trip in 2002. We also gave him the digital camera which he used to copy the post 1900 church records and take pictures of the cemetery headstones. Many of us have also given him research business and he has given us discount rates. And, of course, he obtained the 1787-1900 church records for us. I propose that we once again contribute $300 to his trip, but I would like to hear your opinions. Please let me know what you think.


As many of you know, we have a German language copy of the Georghausen history book in the SGS library. Ray Borschowa has found a gentleman who will translate it for us, but the price is steep – $8,800USD. Ray is investigating ways to reduce the cost, such as doing a computer translation and having this gentleman edit it. Another option is to translate parts of it. How would you all feel about ZVA contributing to this project? How much is appropriate? Would any of you with a connection to this village like to make a special contribution? Please let me know.


Paid for 2004: E. Flichel, J. Mayer, E. Hugel, A. Busch, D. Miller, J. Molter, M. O’Brien, B. Fritz, K. Lambrecht, John Hugel, K. Hohban, T. Novak, M. Kainer, S. Weishuhn, J. Novak, J. Devine, J. Hayhurst, A. Neison, J. Stoeber, E. Henheffer, B. Daniels, R. Barton, J. Busch, A. Ritter, D. O’Shaughnessy, D. Giroux, A. Roeslein, J. Mayer, S. Gibbard, S. Kragh, R. Borschowa, J. Schwarz, M. Bushman, C. Ortman, J. Meyer, K. Niedermayer, B. Harle, A. Niesner, Joe Hugel, G. Schwartz, L. Johnston, D. Halliday, F. Dornstauder, D. Connelly, P. Engler, A. Fulford, J. Lang, M. Hueser, N. Stetner, C. Noll, and P. Eichhof.

Paid for 2005: E. Flichel, J. Mayer, E. Hugel, S. Weishuhn, J. Busch, J. Molter, M. O’Brien, B. Fritz, J. Schwarz, B. Harle, G. Schwartz, D. Giroux, T. Dash, D. O’Shaughnessy, R. Borschowa, S. Kragh, D. Connelly, .A. Fulford, and C. Noll


Check your contact information on our web page. Only those who have submitted registrations are on it. Do you want to be added or deleted? Any changes? Please let me know.

The following people have been added to the online researcher list:

C Erdman, Shirley-ann, Box 1620, Claresholm, Alberta, TOL OTO, Phone: 403-687-2163, Fax: 403-687-2363, Email:, Searching: Brenner (Breiner, Prener, Brener), Grussmayer (Grusenmayer, Grossmajer)

Please note the following updates and corrections:

C Hochban, Tim, Email:

C Mildenberger, Ed, Email:

C Parker, Elaine, #72 – 2400 Oakdale Way, Kamloops, BC, V2B 6W7


Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 13, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

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