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11-1 April 2006


Those of you on email should have previously received my message that szló had a stroke late in 2005. He had some paralysis in his right arm and some speech impairment, but it sounds like he has recovered pretty well. He is back at home and corresponding by email.


All volumes of Stader’s Sammelwerk which were out of print have now been reprinted and are available from the AKdFF. The next issue of the series, starting with Sch should be available in 2006.


The “Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Zichydorf im Banat 1789-1945” by Helmut Kaiser is available on CD. It covers the period from the beginning of the church books in 1789 until the expulsion of ethnic Germans in 1945, with supplements up to 2002. The book also contains information on those baptized from Georghausen, Alt-Letz, Urmenhausen, and Setschanfeld for about 8,600 families of 31,700 individuals. The book is supplemented with a index of married women whose parents are not known, a village index, foreword of the author, History of Zichydorf by Felix Millecker, statistics and more.

This is not an alphabetical or chronological list, but a grouping of family members. It is a secondary source and, no matter how careful the author, it is possible that errors may have crept in. Nevertheless, this is an excellent source to search for information that should then be verified against the original record.

The family book is in two formats, html and pdf and can be printed out in part or in its entirety. Price is $30 USD including postage. They will be sent from Germany. Contact Dave Dreyer at with your mailing address. Dave will collect the payments and transmit the combined funds to Helmut.


Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn as soon as possible to coordinate your efforts. This book will happen, but not for this Christmas. Submit your ideas for a book title and win a FREE BOOK! Please submit your old family traditional recipes to Tim Novak, 2903 Quinn Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 2W2, Phone: 306-522-2558, E-mail:


For anyone new to our group or who has somehow missed hearing about it, we have the Zichydorf church books from 1787 to the 1950s on 3CDs for $30 per set. Order from the address at the end of this letter. I have also obtained the records for the town of Kudritz, about 20 miles east of Zichydorf. If anyone else has an interest in this town and would like to share the costs please contact me. I am compiling a list of errors and omissions on the CDs that I will post on the web. Please report any anomalies that you discover to me so that I may include them.


1911 census of Canada at

Regina Branch SGS

OFB Zichydorf

Hochban’s of Zichydorf


When I left on my winter holiday in January, I thought I had secured a tour operator for our trip May 29 to June 17. While I was away, I noticed someone else’s email that said he was doing another trip May 24-30 from Munich. When I queried him, he confirmed this and invited us along, but I told him this would not fit our plans. Since my return, I have been searching for another operator who can accommodate us. I finally have a couple of good leads and hope to conclude something soon.


Paid for 2006: J. Haehn, D. Giroux, D. Connelly, P. Allen, J. McNeil, M. Dormuth, D. O’Shaughnessy,

J. Mayer, E. Hugel, S. Weishuhn, J. Molter, M. O’Brien, B. Fritz, J. Schwarz, B. Harle, G. Schwartz, T. Dash, J. Devine, L. Loos, B. Anwender, A. Ritter, D. Fleury, M. Kainer, J. Lang, J. Novak, J. Stoeber, J. Hayhurst, S. Herold, B. Daniels, E. Baldwin, E. Little, R. Borschowa, J. Lang.


Please add the following to the list:

Dormuth, Miles, 620 Murray Ave., Regina, SK, S4N 1K3, Canada, Phone: 306-352-3553, Email:, Searching: Dormuth, Kramer

Haehn, James, 1151 Lawton Drive, Chico, CA, 95973-1007, USA, Phone: 530-343-7318, Email:, Searching: Ortman, Schonherr, Nehr, Schwartz, Zeyer, Amon, Stumpf

Baldwin, Evelyn, 1515 N. W. 133rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97229, USA, Phone: 503-646-8779, Email:, Searching: Adam Lambrecht, Sr.; John Beres, Sr.; Margaret Hupfel; Teresa Eckert

Jones, Maxine, Box 2385, Friday Harbor, WA, 98250-2385, USA , Phone 360-378-2312, Email:, Searching: Schwellinger, Bayerle.

Little, Eleanor, 3007 Slayen Way, San Diego, CA, 92117-4314, USA, Phone: 858-274-5398, Email:, Searching: Marx, Heimbach, Muller, Resources: 2 DVD’s of Grossantmiklaus

Please note the following updates and corrections:

C Joan Schwann Email:

C Carol Cincotta Email:

C Mary Laura Jones

C Busch, Al, Phone: 315-457-1637, Searching: Busch, Glutting, Zopf, Kainer, Waschbusch

C Weihrauch, Jerry, 300 Grand Ave W – Apt 814, South St Paul, MN 55075

C Fleury, Donna, Email:

C Young, Daryl, E-mail:

C Niesner, Adam, Email:

C Barb Daniels

C Fred E. Koenig

C Gabriele Halsall phone 586-781-6784, email

C Keller, Justin, Email:


Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 30, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

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