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12-2 June 2007


Have you paid your ZVA dues for 2007 yet? (See the list near the end of this message.)

Why should you pay dues? Many people pay dues regularly just to support the cause. Others feel they get value from the ZVA network, the web pages, or data that I supply. Many others either forget to pay dues or do not feel that they get value for their $10 per year. If you don’t think there is value, we still want you to stick around as a contact for other researchers.What are the dues used for? Here is what we have spent them on in the past.

– supplies: paper, envelopes, and labels for mailing to those not on email; binders for church records before we had digital copies

– copies: newsletters, duplicates of material placed in library

– memberships: FEEFHS, Sask. German Council, AKdFF-NA

– postage: newsletters (almost everyone is now on email), CDs

– projects: obtain church records on paper, obtain and copy church record CDs, goodwill gifts for European collaborators, planned memorial cairn in Regina

– miscellaneous: publicity, long distance calls, bank fees

– books for library: these are separate from dues; purchased from a library fund compiled from one time $25 donations on joining ZVA

Is ZVA short of cash? No, we actually have begun to accumulate a surplus. It was costly to acquire our substantial resources, but most of those costs are behind us now.

Then why do you want to increase revenue? One reason is fairness. Some of those who pay regularly wonder why others do not.

Another reason is the expected costs of upgrading and maintaining our web site. We have not been able to add new material for almost four years. It is clear that we must take control of our main communications tool ourselves. We may be able to obtain free web hosting, but we may have to upgrade to a paid service to meet our needs. We will also have to invest in some software or web development talent.

A third reason is that I hope to install a memorial cairn or plaque in St. Paul, similar to what we are working on in Regina. St. Paul had a large Zichydorf community and we don’t want them forgotten. I will be in touch with some of our Minnesota members to get something started.

And, finally, the main reason to increase revenue is to preserve our heritage in Zichydorf. The historic church and cemetery there are badly in need of maintenance. There are only about a dozen families in the parish and they are not nearly as well off as most of us. If something is not done soon to stop the deterioration, the damage may be beyond repair. I propose to work through the parish priest and an outside observer to undertake repairs. I propose to undertake one project at a time with written estimates in advance and documentation of completion verified by a third party.

Several of us have traveled there in the last few years. Are we willing to ensure that these historic landmarks are there for others to enjoy in the future? I hope others will agree that this is a worthwhile cause and support it financially by paying dues regularly. A little goes a long way over there.

On the other hand, we may invest some money and buy some time, but who will continue in 10, 20, or 30 years. Are we only delaying the inevitable? Is our money wasted if no one carries on in the future? I suggest that we do what we can now. What do you think?

To further encourage the payment of dues, I hope to have three levels of access on our web site to add value for paid members. One level will be public – available to anyone. It will have info about Zichydorf and ZVA so that browsers can tell whether they belong to our community. The second level will be free by registering your contact info. It will have some general information and many links to aid your research. The third level will only be available to paid members. It will have more specific content, more detail, and the new pages that I have been trying to get posted for the last few years. If you choose not to pay for access, at least the people who do pay will feel that they are getting something exclusive for their dues.


Mary Ann Hueser has found some Setschanfeld records in the Gross Gaj church books through Rudolf Laszlo. Are others interested? Are there enough to warrant purchasing digital copies? We have no idea of the cost until we have an idea of how many are interested. Let me know if you would be interested in looking into this.


The Donauschwaben group from the Banat-L list is getting together again on the weekend of September 15 in Mount Angel, Oregon. It combines Banat education with a social gathering. It is a quite enjoyable opportunity to meet many of the Banat-L list members. Details are still being worked out. Let me know if you are interested.


Our group is 11 years old now. Since we began, several of our members have passed away. Sadly, their knowledge often disappeared with them. Have you ever thought about leaving a legacy of your research? How much time and money have you invested in growing your family tree to its present state. Shouldn’t you invest a little in seeing that it survives?

Who will preserve and build upon your work when you are no longer able? Will the next generation have to start all over? Perhaps you have thought of leaving your research with a family member. However, for most of us, we are the only one in the family who has a real interest. Will the person you leave it to build on your work? Will he/she even do a good job of preserving it? Will a descendant, looking for it in 10 years’ time, be able to track it down?

It has occurred to me that the ZVA could act as a repository for your work. Although there is no guarantee that we will be here forever, there is a much better chance of your work surviving in the hands of fellow enthusiasts than in the hands of a reluctant conscript from the family. And, we will always be easy to find by doing a simple Internet search. I haven’t worked out any logistics yet, but I suggest that you could submit your family tree, pictures, stories, and anything else you can think of on CD or DVD. We would then have to work out a method to keep the information and format current. Any comments?


Steve Herold at is on the job and I hope to have a new site available soon. It will have all the best content from the previous two sites, plus updated newsletters, plus additional new content, including Shirley Gibbard’s extractions from St. Mary’s Church in Regina, SK. The researcher list will be password protected to help ensure your privacy. I hope to have different levels of access as described above.


I know that it is already 2007, but this project will get done eventually. Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn to coordinate your efforts. Submit your ideas for a book title and win a FREE BOOK! Please submit your old family traditional recipes to Tim Novak, 2903 Quinn Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 2W2, Phone: 306-522-2558, E-mail:


I am considering another tour to the Banat for May/June, 2008. I plan to follow a similar itinerary to our 2006 tour, but with more time in the Banat and less in the rest of Europe. I plan to include the museum at Sindelfingen and the festival at Ulm though. (You can review the last trip at However, all of this is up for debate. If those who want to go prefer different options, I will respond accordingly.

On the pervious tour we spent three weeks and traveled by bus from Frankfurt to Banat and back. We briefly visited several villages besides Zichydorf.

Another option would be to skip western Europe entirely, fly to somewhere like Budapest or Belgrade, and take a bus from there. With this option, we could shorten the trip to two weeks. However, it may be a little more difficult to secure a reputable bus company in this part of the world and we would miss Sindelfingen and Ulm.

If you are interested, let me know ASAP and I will put together a separate mailing list and keep you informed as things develop. Plan to spend airfare plus about $3,000 CAD or $2,500 USD for ground transportation, food, and lodging, for a three week trip and proportionately less for two weeks. Due to unforeseen events, the last trip only came together late with several people undecided until the last minute. For this next one, I intend to have much more lead time with a substantial deposit well in advance so that I can plan around those who are really coming.


Paid for 2007: J. Molter, B. Fritz, S. Weishuhn, B. Anwender, M. Kainer, J. Lang, G. Schwartz, A. Roeslein, .E. Mildenberger, E. Flichel, C. Noll, A. Neison, K. Hohban, P. Engler, J. Busch, A. Ritter, J. McNeil, D. Giroux, R. Borschowa, S. Schultz, D. O’Shaughnessy, S. Gibbard, C. Ortman, T. Novak, J. Shenher,J. Stoeber, K. Niedermayer, F. Fornstauder, N. Stettner, B. Daniels, S. Erdman, D. Halliday, J. Frass, L. Novak, D. Connelly, E. Hugel, J. Devine, J. Hayhurst, M. Dormuth, T. Dash.


Anyone in the Regina area, please join us for some fun and fellowship on Saturday, July 14 anytime after 4 pm at Glenn’s house (address below). Please bring a salad or dessert (and your spouse or partner). BYOB. Glenn will supply burgers and hot dogs and punch. This will be a great opportunity to get to know your fellow Zichydorfers in an informal setting. RSVP to my email or 789-4481.

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