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13-1 April 2008


In my June message I included a discussion of ZVA dues. The response was tremendous! Many people who had forgotten to pay dues sent payment. The message was clear: People are willing to pay dues, but they forget. I will send out more frequent friendly reminders in the future. You may want to consider paying for more than one year at a time to avoid the yearly task.

Unfortunately, virtually no one commented on my proposal to spend some of our surplus at the church and cemetery in Zichydorf or the three membership tiers I proposed. I will take the lack of objections as agreement to proceed with both items. I have begun correspondence on a framework regarding assistance in Plandiste/Zichydorf.


Steve Herold at is on the job, but it is slow going as he is a very busy guy. The new site will have all the best content from the previous two sites, plus updated newsletters, plus additional new content, including Shirley Gibbard’s extractions from St. Mary’s Church in Regina, SK. The researcher list will be password protected to help ensure your privacy. I hope to have different levels of access as described in the previous letter. I hope that we can have this page available within a few weeks. Thanks for your patience.


Soon after we received the digital church records and converted them to .pdf files on CD, people noticed that there were missing pages. I have been cataloguing these missing pages with a view to trying to plug the gaps. A few months ago, I was able to provide several of the missing pages. However, a large gap from 1869 to 1871 remained missing.

A few days ago I began a fairly detailed catalogue of what is on each CD. In the course of my project, I found that an error was made in the conversion of the original .jpg files to .pdf. In fact the missing pages are on the original CDs!!! Over the weekend, I will post them to a temporary web page at They will be available by Monday, October 1, 2007 along with an updated and more detailed of the ZVA CD Companion file that was included on ZVA CD 1. I offer my sincere and heartfelt apologies to all of you who were inconvenienced by this error.


After several years of delay we finally received an answer from Regina’s Victoria Club about hosting our memorial plaque. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the answer we wanted to hear. The Board decided that the names of many of the Zichydorf families who were founding members are already enshrined in their WW II plaque. They also noted that the current membership is very diverse and they did not want to single out any group for special consideration.

When we first began to pursue this option, there was some interest in hosting our plaque, but the Club was facing its own problems and its future was uncertain. Now, after some renewal and renovations, the Club is in good shape, but it has moved into a new era in which the old families with historic roots there no longer have much influence. We will re-open communications with the City of Regina about a location in a neighbourhood park and initiate discussions with Sherwood Rural Municipality about commemorating the old Zichydorf Colony south of Regina.


What will happen to your legacy? You have worked hard to grow your family tree to its present state. Who will preserve and build upon your work when you are no longer able? Will the next generation have to start all over? Or will they be able to find the foundation that you have laid?

No one commented on my suggestion in the last newsletter to leave a copy of your family history legacy with ZVA. I would like to encourage everyone once again to leave a copy of your work, preferably on CD or DVD with ZVA.. At the very least, send a gedcom file or family book file on CD to Glenn. Also, consider leaving instructions to send your research to ZVA in the event of your passing. You don’t want it to be thrown in the garbage because no one else in the family is dedicated to furthering your work.


Mary Ann Hueser has found some Setschanfeld records in the Gross Gaj church books through Rudolf Laszlo. Are others interested? It looks like we should be able to obtain these records on CD before Christmas for$25 per person.


I attended the Donauschwaben celebration in Mount Angel, Oregon again this year in mid-September along with the Harles from Regina and several of our members from B.C. and the Northwest USA . While the sessions were interesting and informative, the main benefit is the fellowship with researchers interested in the same area. As usual, we enjoyed a visit to the large Oktoberfest. One session of particular interest was an emotional talk and slide show by Mark Remsing about his visits to Molidorf, which was a small village that was made into a large concentration camp after the War. All that remains today is a clump of bush that Mark returns to each year to remember those who died there and to search for artifacts and grave markers.


Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn to coordinate your efforts. Submit your ideas for a book title and win a FREE BOOK! Please submit your old family traditional recipes to Tim Novak, 2903 Quinn Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 2W2, Phone: 306-522-2558, E-mail:


Last chance to join another tour to the Banat for May/June, 2008. I plan to follow a similar itinerary to our 2006 tour, but with more time in the Banat and less in the rest of Europe. I plan to include the museum at Sindelfingen and, possibly, the festival at Ulm though. (You can review the last trip at However, all of this is up for debate. If those who want to go prefer different options, I will respond accordingly. I have several names and will start work on a tour for this group size in October. It will be difficult to add more than a couple of people once we have set the group size.


A few cheques deposited at the end of August did not make this list. Sorry if we missed you.

Paid for 2007: J. Molter, B. Fritz, S. Weishuhn, B. Anwender, M. Kainer, J. Lang, G. Schwartz, A. Roeslein, .E. Mildenberger, E. Flichel, C. Noll, A. Neison, K. Hohban, P. Engler, J. Busch, A. Ritter, J. McNeil, D. Giroux, R. Borschowa, S. Schultz, D. O’Shaughnessy, S. Gibbard, C. Ortman, T. Novak, J. Shenher,J. Stoeber, K. Niedermayer, F. Dornstauder, N. Stettner, B. Daniels, S. Erdman, D. Halliday, J. Frass, L. Novak, D. Connelly, E. Hugel, J. Devine, J. Hayhurst, M. Dormuth, T. Dash, J. Schwarz, S. Kragh, M. Borkan, T. McRoberts, M. Hueser, L. Loos, E. Henheffer, T. Franks, P. Eichhof, J. Novak, B. Harle, F. Koenig, J. Mayer, E. Parker.

Paid for 2008: B. Fritz, B. Anwender, E. Mildenberger, E. Flichel, K. Hohban, J. Schwarz, M. Borkan, E. Hugel, J. Devine, T. McRoberts, T. Dash, T. Franks, J. Novak, B. Harle, J. Mayer.


Several of us enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon and evening BBQ on July 14 at Glenn’s house. Enough fun to do it again!

Regina Branch will meet at 3 p.m. on Sunday, October 14, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Note the change in time to accommodate a Roughrider game on TV at 11 a.m. Tim Novak will give a talk on the resources available at the Saskatchewan Archives. Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

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