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2-1 April 1997



This is the first newsletter of our second year of operation. Our first year saw phenomenal growth in members and in accumulated information. We now boast almost 50 researchers, several more people who have contributed information, and many resources on the Internet and at the SGS library. Keep it coming and keep recruiting new members to help us complete the story of our heritage.




Geschicte der Gemeinde Zichydorf – Herr Adam Hochban of Bad Schussenried, Germany donated a copy of Johann Achtzener’s first volume about the history of Zichydorf. It is now located at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library. Although it is in German, the family groupings residing in each house in 1944 are decipherable by those of us who are unfortunately uni1ingual. We have not yet been able to obtain a copy of the second volume.


Zichydorf church microfilms 1787-1851 – These films are now on indefinite loan at the Regina Family History Centre. Microfilms of Orzydorf and Kudritz are also on indefinite loan if anyone has connections to those villages. These films will remain in Regina as long as people are making use of them, so please have a look at them sometime.


Rist & Kainer family trees – Kay Niedermayer acquired copies of these charts for the SGS library. Nearly every known Zichydorf surname appears on these charts at some point, so be sure to check them out.


Banat maps – Shir1ey Gibbard contributed several large maps of the Banat plus one of Alsace-Lorraine and another of Fejer county. These too are in the SGS library.


Zichydorfers in St. Paul. Minnesota – Richard Barton is extracting a list of Zichydorfers from the US government registration of aliens for St. Paul. We will post it on the Net with a hard copy at the SGS library when it is complete.


1901 Census of Canada – G1enn Schwartz is compiling a list of Zichydorfers included in this census. It too will be posted when complete.


ZVA postings – Most Zichydorf information is posted on our web site with a hard copy at the SGS library.


The following items are posted in both locations: Who We Are (description of ZVA goals and objectives); researcher list; newsletters; brief history of Zichydorf (with thanks to Barry Anwender); Zichydorfers on the passenger list of the SS Adria, April-May, 1903 (with thanks to Shirley Gibbard); a history of Zichydorf colony near Regina (with thanks to Barry Anwender); a listing of Zichydorfers in Saskatchewan local history books (extracted by G1enn Schwartz); a list of Saskatchewan local history books and where they can be found (with thanks to G1enn Schwartz); and a 1901 census of Canada listing for Zichydorf colony (with thanks to Barry Anwender – this list will soon be replaced by a more comprehensive list described above).


The Internet web site also contains the following: list from 1828 land census of Hungary; list of 1787 Zichydorf pioneers (a similar listing can be found in Achtzener’s book); and an index of baptisms in Zichydorf 1787-1842 (extracted from microfilm by Shirley Gibbard).


The SGS library also has the following: a listing of Zichydorf names in the St. Paul Minnesota alien registration (thanks to Bob Paulson of St. Paul – this list will be replaced by Richard Barton’s more comprehensive list in the near future and also posted on the web); and a list of Banaters who subscribed to a Donauschwaben magazine in the 1950s (thanks to Linda Klais for the subscription list, about 4,000 names, and Glenn Schwartz for the extractions – this will be posted on the web in the near future).


As you can see, some of us have been very busy compiling resources for the use of all. We hope you too will soon contribute some material to the common pool. We especially wish to acquire copies of your family trees so we can try to uncover links.


Family History Fair – ZVA had a table at the SGS Fair in Regina March 15. We were a little less successful than last year, but still managed to make a few contacts. The SGS asked Glenn to appear on a local talk show to publicize the Fair. This led to a couple of additional contacts.




We now have $375 to our credit in the fund. Glenn has a list of several possible purchases for discussion at our next meeting. Please suggest additional items that you think would be worthwhile.




For new members and those who have been around for awhile, but have not yet contributed, here is our policy on membership.


We welcome all members, whether they pay dues or not. We value what each member can contribute to our common knowledge.


We hope, however, that you will also contribute financially. We suggest a one time contribution of $25 that goes to our library fund. You will receive a tax receipt from the SGS for your charitable contribution.


In addition we ask that you pay an annual $10 to help operate the association. The operating funds support our Internet web site, our attendance at the SGS Family History Fair, newsletter printing and mailing, and the cost of searching for new members and information by mail.


If you are an e-mail member you may think that, because serving you directly does not require postage, your contribution is not warranted. Remember though that there is a cost to maintain our web site and that, through the mail, we may find people or information that is invaluable to you. We will gladly do all the work, but we hope you will help us carry the financial load.


If you contributed $25 in 1996, you should have received a tax receipt from SGS. To save postage, we have been accumulating our own receipts for a combined mailing. Yours should be included with this newsletter. Contact Glenn if there are any problems.




Sunday, April 27, 1997, 2pm, St. Timothy School library, 280 Sangster Blvd. Mark it on your calendar and put lots of colourful decorations around it. Be there or be square. And bring a friend.



Purchase of Resources: Discuss and prioritize items on the shopping list.

Extractions: Can we get some volunteers to extract the Zichydorf church records and the records for St. Mary’s church from the microfilm?

Length of membership: Should dues cover the calendar year, one year from the contribution, or one year from our founding in September?

Themes: We would like to have a theme for each meeting. For this meeting we have chosen “Little Zichydorf: Regina in the 1930s”. Another idea is “Zichydorf’s Holocaust – 1944”. Do you have any other ideas for themes or guest speakers? If so, please contact Glenn or present your idea at the upcoming meeting.




If you do not wish to be listed or if you wish to add, delete or amend information, contact Glenn. The newest version includes the version of computer software you use, if we know. If your listing does not show this data, please advise Glenn so we can include it in the next list. Thanks to Marcel Coumont-Beisig for the suggestion.




PURPOSE: Gather, share, and preserve information about Zichydorf and the immediately surrounding area and the families whose history is associated.



A. Complete each individual member’s family history.

B. Put these histories in context pre-Zichydorf, Zichydorf, post-Zichydorf, relationships to other families, what became of those who stayed behind.

C. Create a legacy of information for future generations.


OBJECTIVES – methods of achieving goals:

1. Search out others with information about Zichydorf and families from Zichydorf.

a. Internet – web pages, e-mail lists

b. letter-writing

c. awareness campaign – media, mail-out, telephone campaign, presentations at genealogical events

2. Create database of what information is available and who has it to facilitate sharing and avoid duplication of effort.

a. post to Internet

b. make available on paper to those not connected

3. Accumulate physical resources.


– Zichydorf church records on microfilm

– books – Achtzener’s and others, translations if possible

– maps – spanning time and geography

– family and local histories


– Internet

– Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library