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2008 Banat Gravestones

In 2008, about a dozen Banat genealogists toured Europe, with particular focus on Banat. You can find pictures of gravestones taken on this tour in the Photos section under Gravestones. This is an index of those photos.

There are over 1,500 pictures taken by the various participants in our tour. These are mostly from Banat, but some are from Hungary, Austria, and Germany. They are grouped by village name using the old German village names, but the country names are those of today. Miles Dormuth has created an index of these pictures in Microsoft Excel. You may download it from this page and sort it to your liking. Each listing shows the image file name, the village where it was taken, and the people listed on the stone. Note that there are often two and sometimes three or more people listed on a gravestone, so be sure to look beyond the first name listed. We hope to eventually post pictures and indices for 2010 and maybe even 2006. Such a large project is sure to contain a few errors. I may have missed posting the odd picture that is listed in the index. Miles might have been unable to read some of the stones. Please let me know if you spot anything that needs correction.

Glenn Schwartz