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28-3 October 2023

Sustaining Donations

From its founding in 1996 until 2023, ZVA encouraged voluntary membership dues to support it financially. This entailed the collection of personal information of contributors. However, the increasing complexity, expense, and liability imposed by privacy laws has created a burden that is too great for such a small organization to bear.

Beginning in 2023 ZVA will no longer collect membership dues or the personal information of members. We hope, however, that you will contribute financially to the maintenance of this site through anonymous donations. We encourage you to pay an annual $10 to help operate the association. The operating funds support our Internet web site and other projects to discover and preserve our heritage.

In addition, we request a one-time contribution of $25 from first-time users to support our library fund. We, in turn, contribute your donation to a dedicated fund at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) which purchases items we specify. Canadians will receive a tax receipt from the SGS for their charitable contributions.

Please use the Donation feature on the Main Menu to pay using PayPal. (Our PayPal account is US dollars only.) You do not need a PayPal account of your own. You may use your credit card on our account. Alternatively, you may make cheques payable to: Zichydorf Village Association, 2114 E Laurier Cres., Regina, SK, Canada, S4V 0P6.

New Church and Other Records

A few months ago, Glenn traded some of our church records with Tibor Toth from Hungary for some records that he had.  He uses our records to do research for individual clients while we sell collections of records to people for them to do their own research. We have agreed that, when we sell records obtained from him, we will pay him half of the amount we collect. Note that some of these records are records other than church records. Here is a list of the new acquisitions.

Brukenau:  baptisms 1852-1911; marriages 1852-1921; deaths 1852-1921 (3.2 GB)

Grosskomlosch:  baptisms 1849-1903; deaths 1869-1910 (2.0 GB)

Großsanktnikolaus:  baptisms 1843-1900; marriages 1843-1902; deaths 1819-1882 (8.6 GB)

Hatzfeld:  baptisms 1880-1892; marriages 1867-1883; deaths 1837-1867 (2.9 GB)

Johannisfeld:  baptisms 1868-1910; deaths 1873-1922 (3.9 GB)

Moritzfeld:  baptisms 1854-1907; marriages 1852-1913; deaths 1852-1889 (1.5 GB)

Neuberg an der Bega:  baptisms 1853-1910; marriages 1878-1908; deaths 1887-1919 (3.6 GB)

Orczydorf:  baptisms and index 1875-1920; marriages and index 1785-1876 (1.6 GB)

Perjamosch:  baptisms 1855-1877; marriages 1857-1898; deaths 1798-1886 (2.7 GB)

Temeswar:  Fabrikstadt marriages 1869-1894;  Freidorf marriages 1849-1927; Innenstadt baptisms 1844-1921, deaths and index 1875-1885 (4.2 GB)

Torontal:  1828 Census for Deutsch Zerne, Ernsthausen, Etschka, Grabatz, Heufeld, Neuberg an der Bega, Sartscha, Setschan, Sigmundsfeld, Toba, Tschesterek, Ürmenhausen, and Zichydorf.  The census gives the name of the landowner with details about the land, farm equipment, and livestock, but no information about family members. (1.5 GB)

Triebswetter: baptisms 1833-1864; marriages 1868-1916; deaths 1851-1878 (3.4 GB)

Tschanad:  Schematismus books.  Eight volumes covering various years from 1810 to 1853 plus additional volumes for 1883 and 1916.  These books provide detailed information on each of the parishes of the Tschanad Diocese including the names of the parish priests, the names of filial parishes, and the number of parishoners. (2.5 GB)

The complete list of all our holdings is at

Topka/Herman Family

Thanks to Darrell Hockley for contributing the story of the Topka and Herman families in Saskatchewan at this link.

Molidorf Familienbuch

We have also added the Molidorf book to our collection at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Molidorf was a temporary internment camp after World War II before being abandoned due to flooding. All that remains there now is a clump of trees surrounding the abandoned cemetery.

Banater Treffen in Timisoara/Temesvar

When I was running Banat tours I always planned them for even numbered years so that we could partake in the Banat Treffen held every second year in Ulm, Germany. Little did I know that another Banat Treffen is held every second year in odd numbered years in Timisoara. Here is a description and link to this year’s festivities in early June from Tibor Toth.

Dear Banaters,

About 1000-1500 ethnic Germans from all over Banat, but also from Germany, met in Timisoara for the Cultural Days of the Germans from Banat. On Sunday there was a parade of folk costumes and dances, as you can see in this short Youtube-video:

As you can see, women wore dresses with aprons and men wore traditional hats adorned with ribbons at the parade of costumes held in the centre of Timisoara to mark the Cultural Days of the Banat Germans.

The events started on 2 June, when the official opening took place. The exhibitions “The everyday history of the Germans in Banat in the 19th-20th century” and “Ulmer Schachtel” (Germany), the boat in which the ancestors of the German settlers came on the Danube in Banat, the exhibition “German painters from Banat” at the National Art Museum Timișoara were organised.

There followed a parade of German folk costumes, a wreath-laying ceremony at the Crucifixion Monument and music and dance performances in Victory Square.

The Days of the Germans in Banat are an opportunity for those who emigrated to return home and to reunite or few days with the members of their former community who have remained in Romania (unfortunately very few).

Enjoy the video,


Richard Mueller also contributed this account and pictures.

Hello All!

My wife Heidi and I attended the the recent Banater Schwaben Cultural Festival (Heimattage der Banater Schwaben) in the 2023 European Cultural Capital, Timisoara Romania.

The display of Banater Schwaben culture culminated on Sunday, June 4th when after a holy mass held in St. George’s Cathedral hundreds of dancers representing Banater Schwaben folk dance groups from all over Europe marched through the streets of Timisoara in their traditional costumes before showing off their folk dances in the city’s Opera Square!

I thought you all may be interested in seeing my pictures from this wonderful event which showcased Danube Swabian culture!

Rick Mueller

ZVA Regina Branch Meeting

Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 22, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Please press the buzzer to notify an employee to open the door. Please mark your calendar and bring along a Zichydorf friend.

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