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29-1 January 2024

Zichydorfers at Indian Head, Saskatchewan and acquisition of the new Ofsenitz Familienbuch

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Zichydorfers in Indian Head, Saskatchewan

The winter edition of the Saskatchewan German Council’s quarterly publication, Postillion, contained an article about German Town in Indian Head, including the beginnings of the Forest Nursery Station. An article in a 1914 edition of the Indian Head newspaper lists several of the workers at the “tree farm,” including several names common in Zichydorf, such as Beierle (Bayerle), Brenner, Dormut (Dormuth), Frederick (Friedrich), Heddie (Hettel, Hetl, Heckl), Herman (Hermann), Kindle (Kindl), Kirschner (and Kirchner), Kraemer (Krämer, Kremer), Lix, Marks, Neidermeyer (Niedermayer), Schmidt, Schriner (Schreiner), Valerie (Valeri). While not all these families are likely from Zichydorf and vicinity, almost certainly some of them are. We know that some Zichydorf families first settled in some of the towns along the Canadian Pacific Railway, such as Indian Head and Qu’Appelle.

I contacted the author of the article and asked if he would consider publishing it on our web site. He told me that that his original article had been shortened to fit the Postillion’s space constraints and the local museum has a display about this community. He agreed to contribute his article but wants to do more research to expand the story. We are asking for people whose families may have been part of this experience to pass along any stories or photos that can contribute to this narrative. If anyone would be willing to do an audio or video interview, that would also be most welcome. Please contact me at if you have anything to contribute.

Ofsenitz Familienbuch

Familienbuch Ofsenitz im Banat, 1800-1981 by Anton Neff has just been published by the AKdFF in Sindelfingen, Germany after a very long period of study. We have ordered the book for our library and expect it to arrive in early February.

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