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29-2 April 2024

Sustaining Donations

From its founding in 1996 until 2023, ZVA encouraged voluntary membership dues to support it financially. This entailed the collection of personal information of contributors. However, the increasing complexity, expense, and liability imposed by privacy laws has created a burden that is too great for such a small organization to bear.

Beginning in 2023 ZVA will no longer collect membership dues or the personal information of members. We hope, however, that you will contribute financially to the maintenance of this site through anonymous donations. We encourage you to pay an annual $10 to help operate the association. The operating funds support our Internet web site and other projects to discover and preserve our heritage.

In addition, we request a one-time contribution of $25 from first-time users to support our library fund. We, in turn, contribute your donation to a dedicated fund at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) which purchases items we specify. Canadians will receive a tax receipt from the SGS for their charitable contributions.

Once you have completed your selections, note the total and click Submit to send your order details. Clicking on Submit no longer takes you directly to PayPal. To make payment, go to and send payment to (Our PayPal account is US dollars only.) You do not need a PayPal account of your own. You may use your credit card on our account. Alternatively, you may make cheques payable to: Zichydorf Village Association, 2114 E Laurier Cres., Regina, SK, Canada, S4V 0P6.

Thanks for your support.

Ernsthausen Familienbuch

Jerry Dupppong has decided to part with the two-volume set of this book. If you are interested, contact Jerry at

Ofsenitz Familienbuch

This book, described previously, is now in our library. For a description go to

New Zichydorf book

We have added Zichydorf: Remembering its History & Culture by Melanie Zopf to our library. This is not an exhaustive academic study full of footnotes and endnotes about sources. But it is a good overview of the village history, culture, customs, and traditions. Melanie acknowledges that the sources of much of her information are the ZVA web pages and Elisabeth Grob-Hugel’s translation of the 1975 Johann Achtzehner book among others. In a few cases I thought she might have applied Banat generalities to Zichydorf without specifying her sources, but overall, it is on target. Certainly, the vast majority that she based on the translation of Johann Achtzehner’s book is spot on. She has included numerous pictures and illustrations. If you are looking for a good overview of Zichydorf, this book would fit the bill. You can find it on Amazon at

And if you would like the translation of the original 1975 Johann Achtzehner book, contact Liz Hugel at

By the way, Melanie has extensive information on the Zopf and Türk families and would welcome any collaboration on these families at

The book is described on our web site at

Deutsch Stamora books

Our dear friend Miles Dormuth passed away about two and a half years ago, leaving his genealogy collection to his family. They recently decided to pass along most of his book collection to me and I, in turn, passed it along to our collection at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society library. We already had the 1806-1894 original and the 1895-1996 follow up of the Deutsch Stamora Familienbuch in our library so I am offering them to our supporters. If you are interested, please contact me at the email below.

Moselle Archives

Tim Grad reports that these archives at are now not normally accessible outside Europe. On a PC you can access them through a VPN set to France, Germany, etc. On a Mac, Chrome normally works without a VPN but Safari normally does not. We do not know how long this situation will persist.

Zichydorfers in Indian Head, Saskatchewan

A few of our followers have contributed information and stories to this project after our last newsletter. The author, Gerald Freyer, is still working on this project for the Indian Head Museum and our web site. If you can contribute anything to this story, please contact me at the email below.

Banat Home Movies from 1937

Someone posted this link on a mailing list, and I apologize that I lost the identifying information. This is a series of five old home movies digitized with music added. The total length is just short of 15 minutes. They give a taste of life in the Banat from long ago. The location is about 100 km (60 miles) north of Zichydorf, so some of the dress and customs may be slightly different.

.ZVA Regina Branch Meeting

Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 21, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Please press the buzzer to notify an employee to open the door. Please mark your calendar and bring along a Zichydorf friend. This is our annual executive election meeting. Sorry for the short notice.

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