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5-2 September 2000


Ray Borschowa has found a link to Zichydorf records between 1850 and 1900! Ray requested information on some of his ancestors from the Family Tree Research Bureau in Budapest. This is the same group that investigated records in Zichydorf and the possibility of a tour for us a couple of years ago. They accessed a Yugoslavian archive and obtained several copies of records. It was not cheap, but it was successful. Ray is investigating whether we can obtain a copy of the complete record. If not , we will try to coordinate individual orders to avoid duplication while obtaining as complete a record as possible for sharing by all. For now, stand by and be patient while we sort out the possibilities.


Elisabeth Hugel has proposed that we produce a Zichydorf family history book for the 2005 centenary of Saskatchewan as a province. The format would be similar to the community histories that many towns produced in the 1970’s. There may be financial assistance available from various granting agencies. What do you think? We will discuss this at our forthcoming meeting.


This project is going slower than anticipated. The City of Regina and the Core Community Group have been trying to resolve design parameters of the park. The latest plan is for the entrances to be made of granite, with any text engraved into the stone. This would mean that we would not have to supply the plaque (ie. no cost), but we may have less control over the text. We are still included in their plans, but cannot finalize any details until they resolve their own issues. It will be at least next spring.


Joe Lang contributed the Lang family history and Kay Niedermayer contributed an update of the Lang history that includes the latest additions to her branch of the Lang family.

There has been some delay in ordering the Stefan Stader books, but they are on order now. You may recall that Stader compiled records from several sources to gather all the Hungarian records from one family in one place. These volumes should be a great source when we receive them.


Joe Lang’s compilation of the Lang genealogy may be a useful source for many Zichydorf researchers. The Langs connect to many other Zichydorf families, including Rist, Roszlein, Basch, Niedermayer, Frass, Sanheim, Anwender, Zimmer, Mayer, Ortman, Flichel, Donauer, Brems/Brehm, and Shenher. In addition to the genealogy, Joe’s book contains a brief history of the name and of the family’s immigration to Canada. Kay Niedermayer has also contributed some updates to her branch.


Are ther still members who would like a copy of Elizabeth Hugel’s translation of Joahnn Achtzener’s two books about Zichydorf? This is an absolute “must have” for any Zichydorf researcher. It contains the history of the village, many pictures, and a roster of the residents in 1944 with birth dates. The book costs $32.00 CDN, plus postage. Contact: Elisabeth Hugel, 22 Dalhousie Way, REGINA SK S4V OA2; Phone: (306) 761-0656; email:


Thanks to Chris Stutzmann and Micahael Kainer for contributing pictures to this project. CD content will include pictures, family trees in GEDCOM or text format, stories, indices that we have created for the web, etc. Those who contribute a certain level of content will receive a free CD in return. Those who do not contribute will be able to buy them for a nominal fee. The only limits are our imaginations. You may submit your scanned pictures and files on disk or via email if you do not want to risk regular mail.ST MARY’S CHURCH RECORDS

John Hugel had back surgery, but it was not very successful. He has remained laid up for the summer and may need another operation. Good luck John. Hope you are back on your feet soon. This project will remain on hold until we determine the state of John’s health.


Last newsletter we asked if anyone recalled a Zichydorf history by Arnold Lehrer written in the 1920’s. Liz Hugel advises that the author is Nikolaus Arnold who was a Lehrer (teacher). If anyone knows where we can acquire a copy for the library, please contact Glenn.


This newsletter contains a complete list for our mailing members. Online members, please check the researcher list at our web site. Please note new members E. Foulds, R. Harris, and M. Geiring and address or email changes for E. Flichel, J. Miller, A. Ritter, J. Shenher, and G. Schwartz.


I now have over 11,350 names in my database. Have you sent me your family tree? I may be able to link you with others and save you a lot of work.


We welcome all members, dues paying or not, for the knowledge they share with all of us. However, we hope members will voluntarily contribute to the cost of maintaining the group (web site, mailings, etc.). We suggest a one-time donation of $25 CDN to the library fund plus an annual donation of $10 to run the association’s affairs. Canadian members will receive a tax receipt for the library donation from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Please forward your 2000 or 2001 dues soon.

Paid for 2000: M. Kainer, S. Gibbard, B. Harle, F. Koenig, J. Mayer, F. Andreas, .J. Shenher, C. Ortman, K. Niedermayer, B. Petz, M. Rist, J. Stoeber, P. Engler, G. Krattenthaler, D. Connelly, A. Ritter, R. Borschowa, J. Busch, J. Lang, A. Niessner, J. Devine, G. Schwartz, J. Molnar, J. Harold, A. Niesner, N. Stetner, M. Fellinger, J. Molter, R. Harris, S. Osborn-Ryan, J. Novak, A. Fulford, P. Eichhof, E. Flichel, D. Haack, E. Foulds. Paid for 2001: J. Mayer, N. Stetner.


Regina Branch will meet at 2pm on Sunday, October 1, at St. Timothy School, 280 Sangster Blvd. Mark your calendar and please join us. Bring some Zichydorf friends.

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