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6-1 April 2001


We have identified two possible researchers for these vital records. One is the Family Tree Research Bureau. They are very reputable, but they have not yet given me a quote on group research since my request at the beginning of January and several reminders.

The second source is an independent researcher named Laszlo Rudolf. I have communicated with several people who are well satisfied with his work. Laszlo’s normal fee is $150 US to research one person for one day, including travel. He charges $100 per day or $10 per hour for additional time. He has agreed to a group rate for us of $50 per person that you want researched, provided we research a minimum of 20 people. For this amount, he would research parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. and provide a written report of what he found. A wider search for siblings, spouses, and their families would be at an additional cost because of how rapidly the number of people expands. Copies and photos are also extra. Laszlo will give an approximate quote when he has your request, then he will require a deposit before starting work. I propose to go ahead with Laszlo to evaluate his results and possibly also use the other group at a later date. If you would like Laszlo to research for you, please complete his research form at the end of this newsletter and return it to me by email or postal mail. I will forward to him the requests for the first 20 or so people and hold the rest until we evaluate this attempt.

The 1850-1900 church records are in the archives at Bela Crkva (Weisskirchen). The church records after 1900 are at the church in Jermenovci (Urmenyhaza). Laszlo has also discovered Confirmation records at Jermenovci. It seems that these contain only the names and dates of those confirmed, so they are not of much use for genealogy. However, you may wish to have the record for your collection.


Be sure to keep checking for updates of Dave Dreyer’s US immigration database at

Try this site! and this one! The former is in Serbian and the latter in German, but you can also try these translation sites:;;;;; or I haven’t had time to check any of these out in detail, so I can’t comment on which are best.

The Zichydorf binder at the SGS library now contains the article “Settlements in Hungary by Lorrainers & Alsations,” translated from the paper by Dr. L. Hecht.

We have received three Stader books covering A-Kap. The book Kar-L is on order. These books are every bit as useful as advertised. The main portion of each book is an alphabetical list of immigrant records compiled from 250 different sources. Each entry lists the head of household, number of others in the party (sometimes with names), point of departure or destination (sometimes both), and the source of the information. Each book also includes three indexes: one is an index of surnames, useful for locating spouses of those in the main listing; another is an alphabetical list of the departure villages; the last is a list of the destination villages. If you want to know the origins of your Banat ancestors, you must check out this series.


No new developments. We are continuing to follow the slow progress of the park.


Please add the following people to your copy of the researcher list:

C Kragh, Sheryl, PO Box 123, 1764 Green Road, Fruitvale, BC, V0G 1L0, Canada; Phone: 250-367-9782; Email:; Searching: Deutsch, Schwartz, Haack (Haag), Frass, Butta, Niedermayer, Koenig

C Herold, Stephen (Steve ), 3021 Langs Bay, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, USA; Phone: 714-549-0637; Fax: 208-485-0418; Email: OR; Searching: Herold, Niedermayer, Horvath, Kerwel, Lampl (Bakowa), Weinschrott (Bakowa); Resources: web site., family bulletin board at

C Halliday, Donna, #1810 – 757 Victoria Park Ave., Toronto, ON, M4C 5N8, Canada; Phone: 416-698-1680; Email:; Searching: Habermiller, Habermueller, Schmidt, Dormuth, Jacob; Resources: family tree in progress

C Parker, Elaine, #1007 – 145 York St., Ottawa, ON, K1N 8Y3, Canada; Phone: 613-562-9493, Fax: 613-992-3195, Email:, Seaarching: Froh, Klein from Zichydorf (also Hebig, Merz, Keil, Ilg, Weisensel, Theissing from Bavaria), Resources: World Family Tree volumes 1, 2, 33-37 from Family Tree Maker; Canadian Genealogy Index, cd #118; “A Journey of Faith” St Peter’s Abbacy, which covers the Muenster Diocese (includes Humboldt).

C Hohban, Ken John, 13 Ayton Lane, Ottawa, ON, K2K 2H4, Canada; Phone: 613-592-3731; Email; Searching: Hochban

C Daniels, Barbara Anne, 11 Armstrong Lane, Hoquiam, WA, 98550, USA; Phone: ; Email: OR; Searching: Bavle, Biller/Piller, Hadespeck/Hadesbeck, Frass/Frasz, Reiter, Mueller/Muller, Wilwert, and Graveldinger.

C O’Brien, Mike, 12221 Elvan Road, Lovettsville, VA, 20180, USA; Phone: 540-822-507, Email:, Searching: Milleker, Tetz, Computer program: Family Tree Maker 8.0, Resources: family tree on web site at 

Please update the following:

Annette Fulford’s email to; Daryl Young’s email to; Doreen Conelly’s area code to 780; John Busch’s email to; and Laura Grzyb’s email to


Planning for this project is well underway and implementation is beginning. Liz Hugel, Tim Novak, Laura Grzyb, and Glenn Schwartz have been meeting over the winter, working out the details. Although the book will focus on Saskatchewan families with roots in Zichydorf and Georghausen, there will also be some history of Zichydorf and a chapter on our cousins in other provinces and states. We will be contacting members in the near future to ask for your participation. We hope you will attend the May 6 meeting in Regina for a briefing on this project and how you can participate.


The Church of Saint Agnes (1887-1987) by Rev. Richard J. Schuler is a history of the parish in St. Paul, Minnesota where many siblings and cousins of Saskatchewan Zichydorfers settled. The parish was founded in 1887 by ethnic Germans from eastern Europe and was well established when the Zichydorfers began to arrive after 1900. The book offers a brief background on the conditions in Europe after 1850 that prompted them to emigrate and a description of the conditions they found in Minnesota before 1900. The remainder is a fairly detailed history of the founding and growth of the parish, including the decision-making regarding building, expansion, and renovation of the church, school, convent, rectory, etc. I am sure this book would be very interesting to parishioners interested in their history, but it is of no use for genealogy. There are very few names mentioned and I didn’t recognize any of them as Zichydorfers. I do not plan to acquire this book for the library unless requested by members.


CD content will include pictures, family trees in GEDCOM or text format, stories, indices that we have created for the web, etc. Those who contribute a certain level of content will receive a free CD in return. Those who do not contribute will be able to buy them for a nominal fee. The only limits are our imaginations. You may submit your scanned pictures and files on disk or via email if you do not want to risk regular mail. Please scan at 240-300 dpi; greyscale; 4″ or 9″ wide; .tif preferred, .jpg acceptable. Include details to help differentiate people from different generations or branches with the same name: include names and maiden names, dates of birth, date and location of picture, other details of interest.


Order from Liz Hugel, 22 Dalhousie Way, Regina, SK, Canada, S4V 0A2; Phone: (306) 761-0656; Email: $32.00 CDN plus postage.


John Hugel had a second back operation, but without much success. There is a chance it may get better as the operation continues to heal, but there are no guarantees. In the meantime, John cannot even spend a full day at work, let alone hunch over a microfilm reader for many hours. Good luck getting well John. If anyone else would like to tackle this project, please contact Glenn. The microfilm can be ordered at Mormon Family History Libraries.


I now have almost 14,000 names in my database. Have you sent me your family tree? I may be able to link you with others and save you a lot of work.


We welcome all members, dues paying or not, for the knowledge they share with all of us. However, we hope members will voluntarily contribute to the cost of maintaining the group (web site, mailings, etc.). We suggest an annual donation of $10 to run the association’s affairs plus a one-time donation of $25 CDN to the library fund. Canadian members will receive a tax receipt for the library donation from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Please forward your 2001 dues soon.

Paid for 2001: J. Mayer, F. Andreas, C. Ortman, K. Niedermayer, B. Petz, D. Connelly, A. Ritter, R. Borschowa, J. Devine, J. Mayer, N. Stetner, K. Lambrecht, C. Noll, A. Roesslein, D. Halliday, B. Anwender, M. O’Brien, E. Parker, B. Daniels, J. Hayhurst, L. Grzyb, S. Kragh, V. Simaluk.


Regina Branch will meet at 2pm on Sunday, May 6, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St (north door by the ball diamonds). Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

Zichydorf Village Association News

edited by: Glenn Schwartz

2274 Baldwin Bay, Regina, SK, S4V 1H2





Your name:

1. List the people you want him to search for. List name, town of birth, and approximate birth date. Date of emigration is helpful, but not required.




2. How wide would you like the search to be? Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc, are very straightforward. However, if you want me to document siblings and spouses, this can be very time consuming (many families had eight, ten or more children). If you want this, it can be from ten to twenty additional hours of research, depending on the size of the family. People who are seeking to make contact with living relatives often wish siblings just of the actual emigrants, plus the siblings’ children and grandchildren (if recent records are available). Please let me know which of these you would like me to do:




3. Sometimes I can find living relatives if the more recent church books or civil records are accessible. I can also ask around among people in the town, or make a copy of the local phone book (though many people do not have telephones). Would you like me to do this also? If so, how much time should I spend on it (up to how many hours @$10/hour).




4. I can also take photographs of the town (in general or particular subjects). I do the photos and photocopies at my cost (about $20 per roll of film, including airmail to you). Would you like photos, and if so, how many rolls , what subjects:




5. About copies: I will try to get you copies of church book pages and civil records if you want (wherever this is possible). Bear in mind, though, that the authorities frequently charge for this. I need to know whether you want official copies (may be $5 apiece or more) or photocopies (if they will allow me to do this). There may be a fee for this as well, in addition to the copying cost. So, do you want copies? Please specify type of record, for which particular individuals, and what is the maximum you are willing to spend per copy.




6. If you have any other questions, please write them here: