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7-1 April 2002


Twenty-three people requested research in Yugoslavia through László Rudolf at the reduced, group rate. In two cases, László was unable to help, but the other twenty-one were very pleased with the results. They often led to research breakthroughs and opened new areas of research. Many of us are planning follow-up research with László. We are organizing a new effort for this spring. To participate, complete and return the form at the end of this newsletter to Glenn ASAP. The price will depend on the number of participants. If we can get 20 people the rte will be $50US each. I will verify the cost with all participants before placing the order. If you are stuck making the connection from your ancestor to his/her parents in Banat, this is your chance to break the logjam.


The Federation of East European Family History Societies is holding its annual conference in Regina, Saskatchewan from July 18-22, 2002. FEEFHS is the host of our web site and former FEEFHS President, John Movius, was instrumental in founding ZVA on the web. Several other East European research groups and the Saskatchewan Genealogy Society are holding their annual meetings and conventions in conjunction with FEEFHS. The roster of speakers includes experts from North and South America and Europe. This is a tremendous opportunity for those in the Regina area to access this knowledge base. For those from farther afield, this convention is worth a trip and is an excellent opportunity to meet and fraternize with members from the core group in Regina. To facilitate getting acquainted, there will be a brief ZVA meeting in the convention hotel at 8 pm on Thursday, July 18. Details at the registration table. László Rudolf will arrive too late for the Thursday meeting, but will be at the conference.

The organizers are still looking for some volunteer help. Most tasks remaining are on the weekend of the conference, such as setting up video equipment, introducing speakers, picking people up at the airport, taking registrations, etc.

For more information on attending and/or volunteering, check the FEEFHS web site at, email Laura Hanowski at, phone SGS at 1-306-780-9207, or write Sask. Genealogical Society, Box 1894, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 3E1.


There are several new books at the SGS library. Check the book reviews that follow. Also, László Rudolf has obtained copies of some Zichydorf church records for us. We have baptisms from 1904 to 1946 and marriages from 1895 to 1990 (there are only a few Germans after 1944 and only one entry after 1970).

Try these web sites:

Barry Anwender’s page with Zichydorf pictures password “bart”

Kathy Lara’s page of extractions from the Zichydorf church records and from Liz Hugel’s translation of the Achtzehner book

Ken Hohban’s Hochban page

Dave Dreyer’s passenger lists and much more

Alex Leeb’s Donauschwaben page


I apologize for being behind in sending out information packages to family group leaders. Please bear with me. I am trying to make time for it. Anyone else willing to lead the charge for their family, please contact Glenn.


The following people have been added to the online researcher list and are included on the new printed list enclosed for non-e-mail members.

C Ewen, Dolores, 5111 31st Street, Lloydminster, Alberta, T9V 1L2 Canada, Phone: 780-875-5886, E-mail:, Searching: Borschowa, Faul

C Weishuhn, Sylvia, #10965 – 128A Street, Surrey, BC, V3T 3G1, Canada, Email:, Searching: Ortman, Wingert, Kipper, Michel

C Giroux, D., Giroux, D., #217 – 4373 Halifax St., Burnaby, BC, V5C 5Z2, Canada, Searching: Ortman, Wingert, Kipper, Michel

C Lambrecht, Kay, , 1616 Capitol Road, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 4X8, Canada, Phone: 306-584-8007, Searching: Lambrecht, Mayer, Hornsberger, Ambrosi

C Johnston, Lori, 1914 Reynolds Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4N 3M7, Canada, Phone: 306-525-1417, Fax: 306-585-3000, E-mail:, Searching for: Lanz, Reslein, Vogt, Funk, Shumer, Lutz

C Henheffer, Elda, Box 27, Radville, Saskatchewan, S0C 2G0, Canada, Phone: 306-869-3153, E-mail:, Searching: Kleckner, Schaeffer, Diez, Kirschner

C Andrews, Evelynne, #103 – 435 2nd St. NE, Weyburn, SK, S4H 0V4, Canada, Phone: 306-842-2588, Searching: Busch, Bolen

C Schwarz, Joe & Elisabeth (Herf), 21881 Briarwood Drive, Fairview Park, Ohio, 44216, USA, Searching: Schwarz, Herf

The following updates are also included:

Sharon Osborn-Ryan email to; Mike Kleisinger email to; Annette Fulford email to; Ken Hohban email to; Joan Molyneaux email to; Rudy Schmidt email to

C Rick, John, 62 Lio Avenue, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4H 1R9, Canada, Phone: (w)416-603-5040, (wfax)416-603-5748, E-mail:, Searching: Debert, Hornsberger, Niesner

C Parker, Elaine, 5A – 293 Arrowstone Drive, Kamloops, B.C., V2C 1P8, Canada, Phone: 250-377-4933, add Humboldt and Bruno history books.

C Hayhurst, Joanne, 3416 Springview Place, Armstrong, B.C., V0E 1B8, E-mail: 


CD content will include pictures, family trees in GEDCOM or text format, stories, indices that we have created for the web, etc. Those who contribute a certain level of content will receive a free CD in return. Those who do not contribute will be able to buy them for a nominal fee. The only limits are our imaginations. You may submit your scanned pictures and files on disk or via email if you do not want to risk regular mail. Please scan at 240-300 dpi; greyscale; 4″ or 9″ wide; .tif preferred, .jpg acceptable. Include details to help differentiate people from different generations or branches with the same name: include names and maiden names, dates of birth, date and location of picture, other details of interest.


Shirley & Glen Gibbard have completed extracting the records and only have a few details to verify. However, they have encountered a problem with authorization. We will try to iron this out and post the information ASAP. However, it may not be possible to post the data on the Web. In that event, we will try to arrange to provide information from the registers on an individual request basis. Stay tuned for further.


We have obtained several books of name lists for various villages which contributed settlers to Zichydorf. All are in German, but they are mainly lists of names and dates, so are relatively understandable. Most have name and place indices that facilitate research, but I encourage you to delve more deeply as they may not be 100% comprehensive. Even though the author may not have made a Zichydorf connection that you had hoped to find, you may find your surname and later make some connection to it. Here is a brief description of each book.

C Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Boglar-Vértesboglar im Schildgebirge in Ungarn 1761-1821/31. About 50 families from this village later ended up in Zichydorf.

C Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Kosmau-Kozma-Vérteskozma im Schildgebirge in Ungarn 1747-1895. This book has about a dozen Zichydorf families. It is an update on the following book that only covers up to 1800.

C Die deutschen Familien von Saar-Szár im Schildgebirge in Ungarn 1737-1800 und Die deutschen Familien von Kozma-Vérteskozma im Schildgebirge in Ungarn 1737-1800. This book turned out to be less useful than hoped. The previous book on Kozma has more extensive coverage and there is only one Zichydorf family listed from Saar.

C Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarreien Környe (Kirne, Kiernen, Kirnau) 1746-1800 und (Kecskéd (Ketschke, Kernegg) 1744-1800 im Schildgebirge in Ungarn. Also a bit of a disappointment. No Zichydorf families are listed from either village.

C Vorläufiges Manuskript für ein Ortsipenbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Grabatz im Banat, Band I & II. Two volumes of families from Grabatz, from which many Zichydorf families came.

C Herkunftsorte bzw. -länder der Ansiedler der Banater Gemeinden Grabatz und Kathreinfeld. List of early settlers with information on their origins and families.


I now have more than 15,000 names in my database. Have you sent me your family tree? I may be able to link you with others and save you a lot of work.


We welcome all members, dues paying or not, for the knowledge they share with all of us. However, we hope members will voluntarily contribute to the cost of maintaining the group (web site, mailings, accumulating research materials, etc.). We suggest an annual donation of $10 to run the association’s affairs plus a one-time donation of $25 to the library fund. Canadian members will receive a tax receipt for the library donation from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Please forward your 2002 dues soon. Many people on our list have never contributed any information or dues. Maintaining the member list and mailing it to non-e-mail members has become quite a large and expensive chore. Before the next newsletter I will be culling the list of those who seem to have lost interest.

Paid for 2002: M. Kainer, J. Shenher, J. Miller, L. Grzyb, G. Schwartz, B. Harle, F. Dornstauder, E. Flichel, A. Busch, D. Ewen, L. Lang, T. Dash, M.Borkan, A. Niesner, J. Molter, C. Ortman, K. Niedermayer, B. Petz, A. Fulford, A. Neison, D. Giroux, S. Weishuhn, J. Rick, M. O’Brien, S. Fragh, R. Borschowa, J. stoeber, J. Busch, J. Mayer, J. Molyneaux, E. Henheffer.


Regina Branch will meet at 2pm on Sunday, April 28, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St (north door by the ball diamonds). Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

Zichydorf Village Association News

edited by: Glenn Schwartz

2274 Baldwin Bay, Regina, SK, S4V 1H2





Your name:

1. List the people you want him to search for. List name, town of birth, and approximate birth date. Date of emigration is helpful, but not required.




2. How wide would you like the search to be? Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc, are very straightforward. However, if you want me to document siblings and spouses, this can be very time consuming (many families had eight, ten or more children). If you want this, it can be from ten to twenty additional hours of research, depending on the size of the family. People who are seeking to make contact with living relatives often wish siblings just of the actual emigrants, plus the siblings’ children and grandchildren (if recent records are available). Please let me know which of these you would like me to do:




3. Sometimes I can find living relatives if the more recent church books or civil records are accessible. I can also ask around among people in the town, or make a copy of the local phone book (though many people do not have telephones). Would you like me to do this also? If so, how much time should I spend on it (up to how many hours @$10US/hour).




4. I can also take photographs of the town (in general or particular subjects). I do the photos and photocopies at my cost (about $20US per roll of film, including airmail to you). Would you like photos, and if so, how many rolls , what subjects:




5. About copies: I will try to get you copies of church book pages and civil records if you want (wherever this is possible). Bear in mind, though, that the authorities frequently charge for this. I need to know whether you want official copies (may be $5US apiece or more) or photocopies (if they will allow me to do this). There may be a fee for this as well, in addition to the copying cost. So, do you want copies? Please specify type of record, for which particular individuals, and what is the maximum you are willing to spend per copy.




6. If you have any other questions, please write them here: