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9-1 April 2004


Success at last!!?? szló Rudolf reports that the Bela Crkva archives is finally ready to copy church books for a fee. He has ordered the Zichydorf books and they were supposed to start copying about March 25. The charge is .11 Euros per page (about 18¢ CAD). I believe there will be no charge to us because of the work we have already done with him and the camera we provided for him, but even if we have to pick up this charge, it is pretty nominal. I hope that I will have the records soon after you read this. I apologize that I have not yet sent out the records that we already have, but now we should be able to combine all the records in one package. Please bear with me through a very busy time and keep your fingers crossed that matters continue to move forward successfully.


Sefan Stader, author of the series of books compiling Banat immigration records, has passed away. Stader has been a great benefactor to all Banat researchers. According to David Dreyer, “…publication of the remaining volumes of the series presents a formidable problem to the AKdFF. A search for someone to take over the work is underway but to date there is no one in place. The accumulated library and record collection that Stader works from fills several rooms in his house so just the logistic problems are considerable before any pen is put to paper. It probably will be some years before we see the appearance of the remaining volumes.” This is very sad news for all Banat researchers in more ways than one.


The extractions are completed, the privacy issues resolved, the data reformatted and all has been submitted to the webmaster for posting. I hope it will be up soon.


This item continues to drag on. We gave up on working through the City of Regina in the new park and focused on working with the Victoria Club. Our first submission to them was basically ignored. A second submission directly through a Board member was well received, but was not resolved before last summer. The Board member who presented our case chose not to run again, so we again had to work from outside. The Victoria Club is undergoing extensive renovations and our request was very low on their priority list. I hope to raise the profile as their thoughts turn to landscaping with the spring weather.


Just a reminder that our web pages are now at


Work continues on planning for this book. Please continue your work of writing your family’s story and contact Glenn as soon as possible to coordinate your efforts. Time is getting short!

We are looking for a title for this publication. We have decided to turn that job over to you. Please submit your ideas to Glenn by mail or email or bring them along to our next meeting. Whoever submits the chosen title will receive a FREE BOOK!!


Questions of Justice. This 25 minute video by University of Regina journalism students deals with various aspects of justice in the world. The first ten minutes features John Molter and Chris Noll talking about the post-war fate of Zichydorfers.

The Last Generation – Forgotten And Left To Die by Hans Kopp. See review on next page.

Here are some web sites you might find interesting: – Georghausen, Setschanfeld, & Altlez – Helmut Kaiser pages from Peter Noll’s Zichydorf churchbook research. – Surname Navigator – Familien Kalendar – more info on this source on our ZVA homepage – Ellis Island search tool – Electronic Banat – Hamburg research – Rudolfsgnadüller.htm – Johnny Weissmuller – Steve Herold’s surname search – many Zichydorfers – St. Alban’s lists of border crossings – passenger ships – Language Dictionary –  A huge collection of Donauschwaben info. – recipes in German and Hungarian – Schwaben recipes (in German) – Donauschwaben recipes (in German) – Hungarian letters and writing – Hungarian verbs – Hungarian words and phrases – Hungarian alphabet – Donauschwaben cookbook – June Meyer’s Hungarian recipes – to order Hans Kopp book – Dave Dreyer ship records – Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1848-1918 – Banat villages volunteer coordinators – presidents of Banat village associations – Steve Herold’s Banat pages – Donauschwaben Village List – Index of Banat Villages – village of Bogarosch


Paid for 2004: E. Flichel, J. Mayer, E. Hugel, A. Busch, D. Miller, J. Molter, M. O’Brien, B. Fritz, K. Lambrecht, J. Hugel, K. Hohban, T. Novak, M. Kainer, S. Weishuhn, J. Novak, J. Devine, J. Hayhurst, A. Neison, J. Stoeber, E. Henheffer, B. Daniels, R. Barton, J. Busch, A. Ritter, D. O’Shaughnessy, D. Giroux, A. Roeslein, J. Mayer, S. Gibbard.


Check your contact information on our web page. Only those who have submitted registrations are on it. Do you want to be added or deleted? Any changes? Please let me know.

The following people have been added to the online researcher list:

C Luterbach, Jones

Please note the following updates and corrections:

C Miller, J. Johnson, C. Shenher, J. Hayhurst, Borkan, daniels, Gibbard, Molter, Anwender, Barton, Weihrauch, Schmidt, Molyneaux


The Last Generation – Forgotten And Left To Die by Hans Kopp is a new entry in the list of Donauschwaben memoirs. Mr. Kopp draws on his own recollections and the stories of friends and family to tell the tale of the Doanuschwaben expulsion from Yugoslavia. Through the eyes of a ten year old child he describes daily life before the War, the coming of the Russians and Partisans, the deportation of many of the adults to Russia, the expulsion of the occupants from their homes, and their internment in the slave labour camps. In particular, he describes the Gakowa camp, telling of the sickness, starvation, and death, of the heroism of those who struggled to survive, and of the escape to Hungary, Austria, and the United States in 1956.

Although Mr. Kopp’s education was interrupted by his experiences, his book is quite well written in both English and German. Perhaps its main feature is a collection of more than 1,400 pictures. Although many are personal images of family, friends , and his home town, there are also many from other towns and many that display, customs, dress and way of life.


We have concentrations of members in Minnesota and B.C. Any members there interested in organizing an occasional meeting? Nothing fancy. Just a get-together for a coffee to meet each other and share stories. Try it! You’ll like it!!

Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 25, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.

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