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9-2 September 2004

I apologize to all of you for the small amount of time I have been able to spend on our Association over the past year. An old business interest was resurrected by my partners with substantial financial implications for myself and them. I have felt it was my duty to support them and my genealogical work has suffered. With the coming of winter, I hope that I will be able to pick up the slack. Thanks for your tolerance. Glenn Schwartz
Two steps forward, one step back. László Rudolf recently received 16 CDs of church records from the Bela Crkva archives. But they messed up and copied the church books for Ürmenyhaza!! He and the Ürmenyhaza priest (who has the older Zichydorf church books) asked them to copy first the Zichydorf books, then the Ürmenyhaza books. However, they copied Ürmenyhaza first because in our order (alphabet) first is Ürmenyhaza!? As László says, This is Yugoslavia… A They have now started on the Zichydorf books. László thinks that these will go a little more quickly because of the experience they have gained. He is hopeful that he will have the CDs in hand before Christmas. He reports that the images are very good quality. The last two years have been filled with hope and disappointment on this project, but I know the final result will be worthwhile. These records are the missing links that connect to the microfilms covering 1787 to 1850 that most of us have seen. As previously reported, I have images from the church books from 1900-1950 that László previously photographed at Ürmenyhaza as well as images of headstones that he photographed in the Zichydorf cemetery. I will include all these CDs in one package when the new church records arrive. Hopefully we will all have a very nice genealogical Christmas present!
Please note the passing of Philip Kerling and George Bavle in the past year. Also note that Harold Miller has been stricken with ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). Many of you will know Harold from email contact or from his occasional visits to Regina. Harold has always been generous with his time and knowledge and I know you will all join me in wishing him well in coping with his illness. Beth Petz has been stricken with Alzheimers disease and will no longer be attending our meetings.
The extractions were completed, the privacy issues resolved, the data reformatted and submitted to the webmaster for posting prior to the April newsletter, however, it still has not been posted. I will follow up with the Webmaster. 
I have raised this issue several times with the Victoria Club President. He insisted that he would not take it to the Board until their extensive building renovations were complete. In the spring, he said he wanted to wait until after the landscaping was done, even though I argued that the plaque should be part of the landscaping discussions. The Board does not meet during the summer, so I will take up the cause once again this fall. 
Just a reminder that our web pages are now at


The centennial book has been one of the victims of my time constraints. I do not expect it to be ready until the fall of 2005. Again, my apologies for the delay. Please continue your work of writing your family=s story and contact Glenn as soon as possible to coordinate your efforts. Submit your ideas for a book title and win a FREE BOOK! Please submit your old family traditional recipes to Tim Novak, 2903 Quinn Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4P 2W2, Phone: 306-522-2558, E-mail:


Some of you may remember the book Between Hitler and Tito: Disappearance of the Ethnic Germans from the Vojvodina by Zoran Janjetovic. This book is a well-written (in English) and well-researched look at the post-war experiences of the Donauschwaben, written by a Serb. It is a rare, impartial treatment of an issue that features strong feelings on both sides. This book is out of print, but John Michels of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, is working to have it reprinted. I will keep you advised of future developments. 


Paid for 2004: E. Flichel, J. Mayer, E. Hugel, A. Busch, D. Miller, J. Molter, M. O=Brien, B. Fritz, K. Lambrecht, John Hugel, K. Hohban, T. Novak, M. Kainer, S. Weishuhn, J. Novak, J. Devine, J. Hayhurst, A. Neison, J. Stoeber, E. Henheffer, B. Daniels, R. Barton, J. Busch, A. Ritter, D. O’Shaughnessy, D. Giroux, A. Roeslein, J. Mayer, S. Gibbard, S. Kragh, R. Borschowa, J. Schwarz, M. Bushman, C. Ortman, J. Meyer, K. Niedermayer, B. Harle, A. Niesner, Joe Hugel, G. Schwartz, L. Johnston, D. Halliday. 


Check your contact information on our web page. Only those who have submitted registrations are on it. Do you want to be added or deleted? Any changes? Please let me know. The following people have been added to the online researcher list:

  Jones-Bushman, Mary Laura, Email:, Searching: Hochban, Mueller

Please note the following updates and corrections:

 Miller, Harold, 21440 Iverson Avenue North, Forest Lake, MN, 55025-956, Phone: 651-464-7403, Email:

  Molyneaux, Joan, #9, 16995 – 64th Avenue, Cloverdale, BC, V3S 0V9, Phone: 604-575-8804, Email:

  Daniels, Barbara Anne, Email: OR

  Parker, Elaine, Email:

  Busch, John, Email:


We have concentrations of members in Minnesota and B.C. Any members there interested in organizing an occasional meeting? Nothing fancy. Just a get-together for a coffee to meet each other and share stories. Try it! Youll like it!!

Regina Branch will meet at 7 p.m. !!!! on Sunday, September 26, at Access Communications (Cable Regina), 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds).  Mark your calendar and bring some Zichydorf friends.


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