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Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Bethausen im Banat 1883-1990

Author: Josef Michels

Year: 2015

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: Bethausen was a new er Banat village, only founded in 1883 about 60 km (40 mi) east of Temesvar by settlers from other Banat villages.Zichydorf was a major contributor to the settlement of this village. From a rough scan of the index of place names, Zichydorf was comparable only to Lugosch as a source of settlers with about 125 entries representing about 300 people and was far ahead of most villages in the index. The book is full of familiar Zichydorf names such as Schönherr, Borschowa, Schneider, Debert, Fritz, Singer, Anwender, Wingert, Niessner, Froh, Pavle, Loos, Hadesbeck, Hornsberger, Krottenthaler, Herold, Stöber, Kleckner, Poling (Bolen), Zopf, Rambold, Keiner, Singer, and many, many more. A few nearby villages are also represented. As usual for these types of books, there are several indices, a map, and a village history, although it is in German.