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Title: The German Canadians 1750-1937

Author: Heinz Lehmann; translated by Gerhard P. Bassler

Year: 1986

Media Type: Book (in Canada section)

Lending Status: Borrow

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Review/Description: The German Canadians 1750-1937 by Heinz Lehman is a thorough and well-researched accounting of Germans who came to Canada. It covers all the major geographic concentrations and all the different time periods. It has many pages dealing specifically with Saskatchewan and mentions Zichydorf several times. One of the highlights is a long letter by Peter Kleckner on the occasion of the death of Johann Bolen, one of the first Zichydorfers in Saskatchewan. It describes how they decided to immigrate, what they found, and how their lives improved in their new homes. Other passages describe the Zichydorf influence in the settlements at Vibank and at St. Elizabeth, west of Gravelbourg. I strongly recommend that any Zichydorf researcher read the applicable sections of this book. You will find it in the Canada section of the library.