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  • France and Banat

    The attached PDF file contains a number of articles taken from Heufeld Eheschliebungen und Sterbefälle by Hans Gerhardt and translated by Henry Fischer. The articles deal with the French villages…

  • Werschetz

    ZVA has translated selections form this very large volume about this small city near Zichydorf.

  • Etschka

    On a visit to the Ecka church in 2010, Mary Ann Hueser obtained a brief German language history of the church. She has summarized and translated that history below.

  • Rudolfsgnad History Book

    From this page you will be able to download three PDF files about Rudolfsgnad, a village 50 km west of Zichydorf. Some Zichydorf families came from there, and many people…

  • Zichydorf – History of the Village Name

    Zichydorf, its predecessors, and its environs have been known by various names over the centuries. ANCIENT-MEDIEVAL AGES Banat has a long history as a key location in east-central Europe because…

  • Zichydorf History Book

    Elisabeth Grob-Hugel has translated Johann Achtzehner’s history of Zichydorf.

  • Zichydorf Today

    Here are some links to recent pictures and descriptions.

  • Links for Historical Research

      Here are some links for further background research.