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Deis-Reslein Family History

Subject: Alphabetical listing of migrants passing through Vienna on their way east.

Title: John D. Deis and Lena Reslein – A Saskatchewan Story

Author: Jeannette Miller

Year: 2020

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Jeannette Miller.

Review/Description: The Deis family were German Russians who came to Canada from the Kutschurgan settlement area, about 30 km west of Odessa, Russia. The Resleins (also Rozslein, Rösslein) came to Canada from Zichydorf. Another family that figures prominently in the Reslein genealogy is Niedermayer, Many other Zichydorf families are also represented, such as, Fellinger, Nieszner (also Niessner), Kovacs, Engler, Lang, Schneider, Schummer, Froh, Krottenthaler, Eichoff, Zimmer, and more. This book is superbly executed with history, stories, maps, documents, lots of pictures and, of course, lots of well researched genealogy. It can be found in the family history section of the library.