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Emigrants and Exiles

Title: Remember to Tell the Children: Emigrants and Exiles – Book 3 of a trilogy


Author: Henry A. Fischer

Year: 2011

Media Type: Book (2 volumes)

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: Remember To Tell the Children: Emigrants and Exiles is the third book in a trilogy of historical fiction by Henry A. Fischer. The first book, The Pioneers, dealt with the first three generations of Henry’s family as they carved out a new life in a new land. For these generations, the Homeland was still back in Germany. The second book, Strangers and Sojourners, covered the first half of the 19th century, during which the Donauschwaben developed their own identity in their new Homeland. Their language, religion, and traditions bound them together, but separated them from the other cultures with which they were intermingled. They remained outsiders and were seen as foreigners who resisted any attempt at assimilation. This book concludes the story with the family’s departure to North America. Henry’s ancestors were Lutherans living in Hungary, but their circumstances were ver y comparable to the Roman Catholics living in Banat.