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Zitchydorf Colony

Shirley Gibbard contributed the following translation from the
Special Immigration Editions of Der Nordwestern for 1902 and 1903 that 
gives information about the Zichydorf Colony.

DER NORDWESTERN, Winnipeg, March, 1902
Special Immigration Edition
National Archives of Canada, Microfilm No: C-4744 
 RG 76, Volume 76, File 6001, part 1, (Immigration Branch)

The Canadian Dept. of Immigration paid the German newspaper 
DER NORDWESTERN to report on the German colonies in Canada.  The copies of
these special edition newspapers were sent to Europe to encourage settlers
to immigrate to Canada.

   On the German Settlers in Assiniboia

(Caption under picture:   A farm yard in Zichydorf, south of Regina, with
flowing well)

This colony which lies 6 miles from Regina, where there is a post office
and a railroad station,  is located at Township 16, Range 19 and was
established in April 1898.  Thirty settlers live here now, all devoted to
agriculture.  They have until now about 1000 acres under cultivation and
are making good progress.  Particularly, the first settlers are found to be
very successful.   There are 95 horses and 65 cattle.

An artesian well supplies the settlers with water and there is another well
30-40 feet deep.  There is no church in the colony, but there is a Catholic
Church in the city of Regina.  Springdale is the name of the public school.  
The harvest report for the year 1901 average per acre:

Wheat               32 bushels
Oats                60   "
Barley              55   "
Hay                 4 tons    

The market price for the same year was:          

Wheat no. 1 hard         54 cents
Oats                     30    "
Barley                   30    "
Hay                      $6.00 per ton
Eggs                     15 cents
Butter                   12 cents
Potatoes                 20 cents
One year old steer       $15
Three year old steer     $50
Horse                    $125
Cow                      $34 

The price of land is $5.00 per acre for prairie land. 
A 160-acre better farm is about $1500.00

Reported by Mr. Amon