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Gross Gaj/Setschanfeld Familienbuch

Gross Gaj was actually a Serbian village that grew to absorb the neighbouring small German village of Malenitzfalva. The Catholic church records include the German and Hungarian population of this and some other nearby villages beginning in 1832. Events from 1816 to 1832 are in the records of the nearby village of Deutsch Stamora. Some events also appear in the Zichydorf church records. Many Setschanfeld events were recorded in the Gross Gaj church books and a few in Zichydorf.

Helmut Kaiser has completed a Gross Gaj Familienbuch. Helmut’s work is based on the church books from AltLetz, Ernsthausen, Heidesch├╝tz, Malenitzfalva, Setschanfeld, Topolya and Ujfalu, as well as a number of other sources such as family books and copies of church records from other villages.

Although Helmut has done his usual excellent job, it is unfortunate that some of the records needed to complete the book are missing. The baptism records from 1832 to 1866 are from several affiliated villages, but none are from Malenitzfalva (Gross Gaj), even though the deaths of many newborn children from Malenitzfalva are recorded in the same time period. It appears that these records are for affiliate churches and that the Malenitzfalva records are missing until 1868. There are no baptism records between July 1866 and November 1868 although there are many marriages and deaths in this period. Births from August 1870 to March 1871 are also missing.

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