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Guide to the Documentation Series

Title: Leitfaden zur Dokumentationsreihe: Verbrechen an den Deutschen in Jugoslawien 1944-1948 – Gesamtübersicht mit Thematischen Ergänzungen und Register (Guide to the Documentation Series: Crimes Against Germans in Yugoslavia 1944-1948 – Overview with Them atic supplements and registers)


Author: Documentation Project Committee: Hans Sonnleitner, Georg Wildmann, Ernst Jäger, Herbert Prokle, Karl Weber,

Year: 2005

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Helmut Birg

Review/Description: This book contains English, German, and Serbian versions of the same information in one volume. It is a summary and research guide to eight volumes published by the Documentation Project Committee. The eight volumes are: the four volumes of the 4,066 page Leidensweg… series; a 374 page summary of the Leidensweg… series entitled Verbrechen an den Deutschen in Jugoslawien 1944-1948; a 64 page legal opinion confirming that the crimes against the ethnic Germans qualify as genocide; the 132 page American version of Genocide of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia; and the 224 page European English-Language Edition of the same title. Much of this book is a reprinting of the tables of contents and indices from these eight volumes to assist researchers by gathering all these finding aids in one place. However, there are additional interesting and useful sections, including one on the Home Town Societies (HOG), another on the reactions of the local ethnic Germans after the Nazi invasion in 1941, and a Danube Swabian chronology.