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In the Claws of the Red Dragon

Title: In the Claws of the Red Dragon


Author: Wendelin Gruber, translated by Frank Schmidt

Year: 1988

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: In the Claws of the Red Dragon is Father Wendelin Gruber’s personal account of his experiences among the Donauschwaben in Yugoslavia after World War II. He describes in detail the suffering of the German people in the concentration camp at Gakowa. He had a brief experience at Rudolfsgnad, where many Zichydorfers were interned. Although he had little direct contact with our people, the conditions in the two camps were virtually identical. It is easy to imagine our relatives suffering the same hunger, cold, and disease as the Gakowa inmates. Being a Catholic priest, Father Gruber’s account often deals with religious and spiritual matters, reflecting the faith of his congregation. Anyone interested in understanding the fate of our people after the War will find this book interesting reading.