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Jäger, Stefan

Subject: Family tree and analytical assays regarding the pre-eminent recorder of daily Donauschwaben life.

Title: Schriften über Stefan Jäger (2) (Writings on Stefan Jäger (2))

Author: Maria Schulz, Emanuela Macovel, and Sorin Fortiu

Year: 2005

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: This is a collection of three essays about the most famous Donauschwaben painter. Although he painted many different subjects, his specialty was depicting the daily life of the Donauschwaben people. Unfortunately, this book does not reproduce any of his paintings. It is more a study and analysis of his life and times and influences. Also unfortunately, it is written in Hungarian and German. The attraction of this book for us is the last section by Sorin Fortiu which lays out Jäger’s family tree. One lady I know found that Jäger’s family tree contained two of her main surnames. Maybe you are related too!