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Millions Cried…No One Listened

Title: Millions Cried…No One Listened


Author: Ann Morrison

Year: 2012

Media Type: 6 DVDs

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: Ann Morrison has compiled a series of six fil ms detailing the post-war fate of the Germans of eastern Europe. Although she deals with events over a wide area, a large portion of her story, perhaps even the majority, concerns the Donauschwaben, particularly those of Yugoslavia. Each film consists primarily of first person accounts of experiences, backed up with explanatory pictures, video, and maps. The first film tells how Germans came to be salted throughout eastern Europe and ends with the Nazi occupation. Film two tells of the flight from the Russians and the deportations to Russia . The third film focuses on the establishment of internment camps, especially in Yugoslavia. Film four details the labour camps, death camps, and orphans. Film five explains escaping, refugee camps and the work contracts that had to be fulfilled to eventually obtain permission to leave Yugoslavia. The sixth film deals with finding a new home.