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15-3 June 2010


We returned from our Banat tour on June 5. If you are interested in our adventures, check out our blog at Time did not permit much detail, so you can expect a general commentary on the day’s activities with a bit of detail on some of the highlights.


When we obtained the Zichydorf church records, there were a few missing pages. We never knew whether the pages were actually missing from the books or whether they had just been missed in copying. On our recent Banat tour, we were able to view the original church books that still remain in the parish (roughly 1895 to present). We were excited to find and photograph the two pages that we were missing from this period. They are now posted on the web site in the photos section. If you have purchased the ZVA CDs of the church records, be sure to download these pictures and add them to your collection. They are:

Page 162 from Deaths 1901-1932 (25.12.1920 – 21 .01.1921)

Page 115 from Marriages 1920-1932 (29.08.1931 – 10.11.1931)


On our recent trip to Europe I replenished our supply of CDs from Helmut Kaiser. As a reminder, this is a compilation from the church records of all the families. I also remind everyone that this is a secondary source. Although great care has gone into its production, there is always the possibility of errors in transcription and inter pretation. It is always best to use this resource as a map to find the original records in the church books. In Europe, purchase the FB directly from Helmut at In North America, you can purchase the FB and church records from ZVA.


Any takers for a meeting in Minneapolis on July 19 evening or anytime July 20?


Any takers for a ZVA meeting in east Coquitlam on Sunday, July 11, at 2 pm?


Member Arlene Prunkl has found a book that might be of interest to some of you. “Magdalena Gärtner (nee Martin) from Setschanfeld… wrote a book in 2005 about her life in Setschanfeld during the war, and afterward when she moved to Germany and then Ottawa…The book is called “Sheltered in the Shadow of Your Wings” and has also been translated into English…the first two thirds of the book are about Magdalena (Leni)’s years in Setschanfeld, her escape to Romania in 1946, and her years in Europe after the war. The remainder is about the new life she and her husband built in Ottawa. It is very well translated for a book of this type! I was impressed with how few real errors there were, and what a competent writer she is…It’s a fascinating account — well-written in the English translation that I’m reading — of her life before and during and after WWII. For me, it was simply astonishing to see how Leni’s family’s story parallels my father Frank Prunkl’s story, my aunt Mary (his sister)’s story, and their parents story. It is as if I’m reading about my own family! I think this would be excellent, interesting reading for anyone associated with the ZVA.”

Title: Sheltered in the Shadow of Your Wings. Translated by Nicola Landry and Ruth Mandoli. Soft cover; 175 pages; 115 photos.

The book is $25 CAD or USD, including postage. Order from Arlene Prunkl at or 1-778-478-0877.

I have ordered a copy for our library.


Ann Morrison, creator of the documentary “The Forgotten Genocide,” and Branislav Lazin, former owner of a TV station in Vrsac (Werschetz), are collaborating on a new documentary called “The Lost Children.” It concerns the children who were taken away from their families or orphaned in the post-War attack on the Donauschwaben. They are looking for people who would be willing to tell the stories of their experiences in these circumstances. They are also seeking additional financing to complete the project. If you can help in either respect, contact Ann at


We acquired several new books on our recent group tour to Europe. Some were purchased and some were donated. Thanks very much to those who donated and thanks to Helmut Kaiser for coordinating most of the purchases to avoid trans-Atlantic postage. Normally, library listings are members only. In this case, I have created a public list. Go to, click on SGS Library Resources, then click on New Acquisitions. Please see the list of new additions and note those which were donated. Also included in this list is the DVD documentary “The Forgotten Genocide.” I will place the books on this list in the library on Monday, June 21, except for two books, “Sheltered…” (described above) and “Seven Susannahs” which are on order. I will place those as soon as they come in. It may take a while for the library to catalogue them, so they may not be available immediately.


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