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15-4 Sept 2010


There had been questions among some researchers about the accessibility of the Timisoara Bishop’s Archive. One of our members, Lee August, was able to access these archives last year. Through her, I was able to contact the archive and learned that they are indeed open for research. I am not sure that they would have a lot of value for most people though. They have duplicate church records from 1895 until recent times for Timis county and for 1895-1917 for the Diocese of Csanad, which included the Zichydorf area. We already have digital copies of records for Zichydorf and several other towns. You can query the archives at Lee’s guide last year was Branislav Lazin at, although his present circumstances might make it more difficult to help in future. My understanding is that Sorin Fortiu does not have access, but you could confirm this with Sorin if you are interested.


Father Barry Anwender’s Mom passed away June 26 and Mary Ann Hueser’s Mom on July 23.


David Preston has arranged a LIVE video broadcast of the presentations at the Mt. Angel Treffen on September 17 and 18. Go to for the schedule and to connect to the presentations. When the live broadcast commences, there will be a 30 second commercial before the live video is sent (this offsets the costs of the service). Also, David will be videotaping the presentations, and making them available for streaming on the web after Mt. Angel is over.


We have just added North Dakota Pioneers from The Banat by John Michels to our library. John’s book gives a brief overview of Banat history and a more extensive, but not too detailed, description of the immigration and settlement of Banaters in North Dakota. The maps are excellent, especially the individual township maps showing the homesteads of the early settlers. There is only one Zichydorfer, Johann Roeslein, mentioned, but there are people from many other villages of interest. Several families came from Bethausen, including the Herolds, who were originally from Zichydorf. There were also many families from Setschan, Ernsthausen, and Stefansfeld. The largest contingent came from Josefsdorf. Like Bethausen, this village was founded late on the worst leftover land and the people had a hard time making a living there. Give this short book a look if you are looking for relatives in North Dakota.


The village of Setschanfeld is now included on the memorial. I have updated the pictures on our web site. The three villages of Zichydorf, Georgshausen, and Setschanfeld, as well as the Schwartz, Hugel, Grob, Habermüller, Schmidt, and Jacob families are all now represented. It is still possible to include your family. Go to for further information.


The Saskatchewan Genealogy Society has a huge collection of Saskatchewan obituaries from all over the province. They are pretty complete from 1985, but hit and miss before that. They are in the process of indexing them and are about three quarters done. If you are in the Regina area and looking for a winter project, call Lisa at the SGS.


The item on the Main Menu that was called “Zichydorf in Banat” has been changed to just “Banat” because it contained an item that was not directly related to Zichydorf. I anticipate that there will be more such items in the future. In fact, I have just added a short history of the Etschka church translated by Mary Ann Hueser. I will also be adding a section for Schildgebirge and for the western European origins of the Banaters. This may be called Germany or Alsace-Lorraine – I have not decided yet. I will add material to these sections as it becomes available.

The long list of materials acquired on our recent Banat trip was temporarily posted on a public access page. They have now been sorted and moved to their proper locations. Look under SGS Library Resources in the Main Menu.

I have uploaded cemetery pictures taken by our tour group in 2008. There are over 1,500 pictures taken by the various participants in our tour. These are mostly from Banat, but some are from Hungary, Austria, and Germany. They are grouped by village name using the old German village names, but the country names are those of today. Miles Dormuth has created an index of these pictures in Microsoft Excel. It is posted under Banat – Genealogy. You may download it and sort it to your liking. Each listing shows the image file name, the town where it was taken, and the people listed on the stone. Note that there are often two and sometimes three or more people listed on a gravestone, so be sure to look beyond the first name listed. We hope to eventually post pictures and indices for 2010 and maybe even 2006. Such a large project is sure to contain a few errors. I may have missed posting the odd picture that is listed in the index. Miles might have been unable to read some of the stones. Please let me know if you spot anything that needs correction.


ZVA member Amy Nichols has started a new Setschanfeld page. Check it out at


Regina Branch will meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 3, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Glenn will give a slide show about the recent group tour to Banat. The emphasis will be on relationships – new ones formed and old ones strengthened – and memorable events, rather than just pictures of where we were. I expect most of the Regina area tour participants will be there to expand upon the stories. Please mark your calendar and bring along a Zichydorf friend.

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