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21-2 April 2016

Membership Renewal

ZVA annual membership dues of $10 are based on the calendar year. Please check your dues status on the web site. Log in and go to Your Profile in the user menu and scroll down to “Dues paid to the end of: ____” If you have not yet paid for 2016, please remit your dues using one of the options described on the Membership page. I will downgrade unrenewed members on the web site in April of each year to give you plenty of grace. From September on, I will credit new members for the following year. We are continually adding new content to the Members Only parts of the site. If you are not connected to the Internet, just drop me a line at the address below and I will update you. Thanks for contributing to our common cause.

New on the web site

Henry Fischer has translated the histories from the recently acquired Familienbuchs for Hatzfeld and Bethausen. You will find them under Banat > History in the Main Menu.


Banat Church Record Sales

Out of curiosity, I recently did an analysis of our sales of church records. Here are the results: Apfeldorf (15), Brestowatz (6), Deutsch Zerne (4), Ernsthausen (5), Deutsch Etschka (8), Glogon (9), Gross Gaj (22), Heufeld (3), Homolitz (7), Iwanowo (1), Karlsdorf )10), Kathreinfeld (11), Klek (3), Kubin (4), Lazarfeld (4), Mareienfeld (3), Morawitza (1), Nakodorf (1), Neu-Moldova (1), Neusin (2), Ofsentiza (1), Pantschowa (20), Pardan (7), Ploschitz (1), Rudolfsgnad (5), Sartscha (15), Setschan (10), Sigminsfeld (3), St. Hubert (3), Startschowa (5), Stefansfeld (10), Szekelykeve (1), Toba (2), Tschestereg (1), Urmenyhaza (8), Weisskirchen (9), Zichydorf (133). Now you know. Requests have slowed considerably in the last year or so as it seems that most people with an interest have already found us and ordered their records. I do not expect a lot of orders in the future. If you wish to know more about what is available, go to and

Werschetz/Vrsac Cemetery

Leah (Ott) Duda from Oregon recorded 143 interments from this cemetery on a very cold day last year and posted them at Thanks Leah!

ZVA Regina Branch Meeting

Regina Branch will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 1, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Note that they have amended their security procedures. There will not be a security guard by the door. There will be a buzzer to notify an employee to come to the door. Appropriate signage will be in place. Mary Ann Hueser will explain how she used various records available through ZVA to locate her ancestors’ precise plots of land, enabling her to take pictures on our 2014 group tour. It is also time for our annual election of officers. Please mark your calendar and bring along a Zichydorf friend.

Zichydorf Village Association Newsletter

edited by: Glenn Schwartz

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