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21-3 September 2016


Membership Renewal

ZVA annual membership dues of $10 are based on the calendar year. Please check your dues status on the web site. Log in and go to Your Profile in the user menu and scroll down to “Dues paid to the end of: ____” If you have not yet paid for 2016 or 2017, please remit your dues using one of the options described on the Membership page. I will downgrade unrenewed members on the web site in April of each year to give you plenty of grace. From September on, I will credit new members for the following year. We are continually adding new content to the Members Only parts of the site. If you are not connected to the Internet, just drop me a line at the address below and I will update you. Thanks for contributing to our common cause.


In June Helmut Kaiser updated me on his progress on the Ofsenitza Familienbuch:

“I am working on the family book Ofsenitza, Part II, * 1849-1901, oo 1855-1905, + 1854-1912.
Until now I have uploaded the data up to 1880 on my website and it will be constantly updated.”

You can find Helmut’s work on Ofsenitza, Zichydorf, Gross Gaj, Setschanfeld, and Ürmenhausen at


You can find a map and death index for Karlsdorf 1805-1900 at

Stefan Jäger

Posted by Nick Tullius to an online forum: Many Banat Swabians and descendants own or have seen one or more paintings by Stefan Jaeger. With his work he has immortalized forever on canvas, paper or cardboard, the Banat landscape, the workday, festivals and traditions of our Banat Swabian ancestors. As a result of the hard work of Herwig Horn, the Jaeger paintings can now be viewed on the website

If you click under Werkverzeichnis, a drop-down menu opens. Click on Gemälde, and a very extensive collection of miniature prints opens up. Click on any miniature to view a full color version of the underlying painting. A full-color view of the world in which our ancestors lived can be viewed, a world that is gone forever.

New in the Library

Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Moritzfeld im Banat 1786-1990 by Anton Neff.
This two volume collection contains almost 7,000 family groups in more than 1,800 pages compiled from church records. It includes a couple of maps, a history (in German), and indices of wives’ surnames, place names, and an index of occupations.


Triebswetter was an important early Banat village that served as the source of settlers for many later villages. Ray Borschowa has been working on a translation of the Triebswetter book for a few years. This is more than the usual Familienbuch, containing much history and many lists. I have ordered it for our library and expect to have it soon. I have reproduced most of a recent email from Ray below to explain why it is a fairly expensive proposition, although it is quite a bit cheaper than the shipping-included cost of some of the recent books we have ordered from Germany.

The Triebswetter book is finished. Producing this book was much more expensive than the Georgshausen book, but it is also much bigger than the Georgshausen book; 486 pages vs. 300. The binding cost was double because the binding company moved to Portland where everything is more expensive. I do not expect the demand to be near as great as the Georgshausen book, which I still receive requests for. People’s interest on the Banat list and DVHH is in decline, the Canadian dollar difference and Euro is a headwind and postage rates are much higher for the Triebswetter book: $36.50 USD to Canada and $49 USD to Europe (ouch!), $4 within the USA. It is about $15 CAD to mail it within Canada

The English edition of the Triebswetter homeland book is now available. The book was originally published in Germany in 1983 by The Association of Former Residents of Triebswetter. It covers the history of Triebswetter from the time of its founding in 1772 up through the Baragan deportation in the 1950s. It has many tables, name lists of people, the original colonists and where they came from, 115 pictures and two maps in the back. When writing this book the authors had access to the parish history book, the Historia parochiae, and other parish archived material so it is more detailed than many of the homeland books. Since Triebswetter was primarily settled by French colonists, the situation of the French in the Banat is covered quite well, and it includes the “French Movement” that took place during and after World War II. This book should be of particular interest to those who are descendants of Triebswetter, as well as those who are interested in the history of any of the Banat villages, particularly the French villages in the Banat. It is hard cover book printed on high quality paper. With the front section included, it is 486 pages. Printed and bound in Portland, Oregon USA.

The cost is $65 USD, plus shipping. The cost, including shipping is: $70 USD within the USA, $100 USD to Canada and $115 USD to Europe. If paying with Canadian funds or Euros please contact Ray Borschowa first. Pay by check, money order or Pay Pal. If using Pay Pal add three dollars to cover the processing fee. Pay Pal email address is:

Order from: Ray Borschowa, 1205 Academy St., Mt Angel, Oregon 97362 USA

ZVA Regina Branch Meeting

Regina Branch will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, October16, at Access Communications, 2250 Park St. (north door by the ball diamonds). Note that they have amended their security procedures. There will not be a security guard by the door. There will be a buzzer to notify an employee to come to the door. Appropriate signage will be in place. Please mark your calendar and bring along a Zichydorf friend.

Zichydorf Village Association Newsletter

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