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18-1 February 2013



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Many years ago I read Elisabeth Grob-Hugel’s translation of the history of Zichydorf with great curiosity. After completing it, I often wanted to refer back to it, but had great difficulty finding the things for which I was searching. I decided to create an index. Life and family got in my way over the years. It has probably been more than ten years since I began this project, lurching along in fits and starts, but I have finally completed it! The index is in the Excel spreadsheet format. There are almost 3,450 entries of terms of interest and names. For each entry there is, of course, a page number, but also a brief description of what the entry is about, and often also a time frame. A second Excel sheet summarizing many statistics from the book is also included in the file . The file can be downloaded from Click on Banat > History > Zichydorf History Book.


The Familienbuch for Offsenitza is no loonger in print, but you will find it online at

Henry Fischer has translated the introduction for us. Find it at Click on Banat > History > Offsenitza


Stefan Jäger is renowned for capturing the daily life of Banat villages. You can see a large sample of his work at


In our library we have Uwe Detemple’s book listing the German people who died in the Baragan Steppe during their forced migration during the 1951-1956 period. After World War II the Romanian government considered the German population unreliable and forcibly removed them from a twenty mile wide strip along the border with Yugoslavia. They were relocated to a barren, previously unsettled area in eastern Romania. There they suffered through the same hardships as their ancestors had in the Banat two hundred years earlier. They were forced to eke out an existence from scratch with virtually no assistance. Many died from disease and the harshness of their existence. Uwe’s book lists the names of those who died alphabetically by their original village along with personal data. There is also a short list of births. For a translation of the introduction go to and click on Banat > History > The Baragan Deporation.




Joanne Hayhurst has updated her family history book, highlighting the Schneider, Kaufmann, Adacsi, Bartole, Wagner, Prunkl, Borno, and Kiss families.She has added material and an index and improved the layout and production. If you are interested in a copy, contact Joanne though the User Profiles on our home page.