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North Dakota

Title: North Dakota Pioneers from The Banat

Author: John M. Michels

Year: 1997

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: North Dakota Pioneers from The Banat by John Michels gives a brief overview of Banat history and a more extensive, but not too detailed, description of the immigration and settlement of Banaters in North Dakota. The maps are excellent, especially the individual township maps showing the homesteads of the early settlers. There is only one Zichydorfer, Johann Roeslein, mentioned, but there are people from many other villages of inter est. Several families came from Bethausen, including the Herolds, who were originally from Zichydorf. There were also many families from Setschan, Ernsthausen, and Stefansfeld. The largest contingent came from Josefsdorf. Like Bethausen, this village was founded late on the worst leftover land and the people had a hard time making a living there. Give this short book a look if you are looking for relatives in North Dakota.