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Zichydorf Records Research

This article describes the location of many records for Zichydorf research and how to access them.


Zichydorf lies in present-day Yugoslavia, not far from the Romanian border. Archives of original Zichydorf church records are in Yugoslavia, but a few are duplicated in Timisoara, Romania. Most Zichydorfers previously resided in other Banat villages. Many came from farther north, such as Heufeld in present-day Yugoslavia and Grabatz, Stamora, Morawitza, Hatzfeld, Ostern, Detta, etc., in present-day Romania. Many of those people had previously come from Boglar/VertesBoglar, about 40 km southwest of the centre of Budapest. Village history books sometimes provide information on the movement of families. The Sammelwerk donauschwäbischer Kolonisten series of books, compiled by Stefan Stader of the AKdFF, does an excellent job of tracking families from village to village. Zichydorf church records are held in the following archives.

In the archives at Bela Crkva:

Birth register #1 (1789-1842)

Birth register #2 (1843-1852)

Birth register #3 (1852-1865)

Birth register #4 (1865-1886)

Birth register #5 (1886-1903)

Marriage register #1 (1789-1828)

Marriage register #2 (1828-1852)

Marriage register #3 (1852-1895)

Death register #1-2 (1789-1851)

Death register #3 (1852-1871)

Death register #4 (1872-1900)

In the church at Jermenovci:

Original church registers:

Birth register #6 (1904-1932)

Birth register #7 (1932-1946)

Marriage register #4 (1895-1920)

Marriage register #5 (1920-1932)

Marriage register #6 (1932-1944) (a few German people after 1944)

Death register #5 (1901-1932)

Death register #6 (1932-1945)

The Confirmation Register of Zichydorf:

October 24, 1875 – 1074 records,

May 29, 1889 – 672 records,

September 5, 1903 – 929 records (+ 1407 records from other villages!),

May 23, 1914 – 794 records,

October 7, 1923 – 723 records,

May 19, 1930 – 230 records,

May 11, 1936 – 218 records,

September 29, 1942 – 218 records,

August 9, 1964 – 78 records.

History of Zichydorf parish. Mostly Latin, some Hungarian and Serbian.

In the Bishop’s archive in Timisoara:

Copies of church registers 1895-1918

Copy of Zichydorf parish history.

In the National Archives at Novi Sad:

Duplicates of old church books for period 1828-1895, although some years are missing and it is not clear which villages are there.



Zichydorf church registers were microfilmed in about 1940. The originals are held by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in Stuttgart, Germany. Copies are also available through the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in most cities. FHL film #1190365 covers baptisms 1789-1842. FHL film #1190366 covers marriages 1789-1828 and deaths 1789-1851.

Copies of these films are also available at the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Library in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Compact Disk (CD):

The Zichydorf Village Association has obtained digitized copies of church books from 1789 until the 1970s. To purchase this set of four CDs, mail your cheque for $30 to Zichydof Village Association, 2274 Baldwin Bay, Regina, SK, S4V 1H2, Canada. There is also a CD for the Famiienbuch, which groups the church records into families. This is an excellent finding aid, but should be verified by comparing it to the actual church records. This CD is also available from ZVA for $40. ZVA also has some records from other nearby villages, in particular, Gross Gaj, which has many of the Setschanfeld records. Contact Glenn at for more information.

Professional researchers:

The Zichydorf Village Association cannot take responsibility for the results of research contracted to third parties. Genealogists should perform their own due diligence before contracting with a researcher. Nevertheless, the following researchers come highly recommended by those who have used their services.


Rudolf László (in English: László Rudolf)

László is a Hungarian based in Bátaszék. He travels widely and often throughout the old Banat region and will search most archives in the area, including Bela Crkva and Timisoara. He has offered a group rate if a number of researchers will join together to coordinate their research, thus reducing his expenses and time. Contact Glenn at ZVA for more info on group research projects.

Rudolf László

NYÉKI u. 26.




SYNERGIA Genealogy Research

Stasa Cvetkovic and his wife Ðjurdina (pronounced Georgina in English) are based in Novi Sad, so their primary investigation activities cover territories of Banat, Srem and Batschka, along with the rest of Serbia. Stasa was our guide when a group of us travelled to Serbia in 2006, 2008, and 2010. His English is very good and he works very professionally.

Tekelijina 26 A
21 000 Novi Sad
Telephone/fax: +381 (0)21 553-265
Mobile phone: +381 (0)64 137-21-92



GenealogyRO Group


Genealogical Research & Probate Investigations in Banat, Transylvania, Romania. Professional Services in English, German, French, Serb and Hungarian. Sorin Fortiu, the main researcher & manager, was our guide in Romania in 2006,  2008, and 2010.

OP 1 CP 396

Timisoara 1900


Email: and

Tel 0040722378390

Fax 0040256196806


Martha Istvan

Martha is well regarded by researchers who have used her services. Her English is limited. She lives in Kikinda, Serbia.

Martha Istvan

Svetosavske 26/IV

23 300 Kikinda

Republik Serbia

Email: iemil@ptt.yu

Phone number:+38123021938


Family Tree Research Group

Családfa – Family Tree Genealogical Research Bureau Ltd.

H-1036 Budapest,

Dereglye u. 5/b. – Hungary

Telephone: (36-1) 453-7020, 453-7021

Telefax: (36-1) 453-7022