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Queen of the Rosary RC Church

This page describes the relevant microfilms for Zichydrof research and contains an index of names in the baptism list.


RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND: For most of its history, Zichydorf had a population of about 3000. About 85% to 90% were German Catholics. We also know from an inventory of microfilms for Banat Church Registers in the Library of the Institute for Foreign Relations that the Zichydorf parish includes at least three neighboring villages.

Roman Catholic Churches: The filial churches/villages are:

1. Georgshausen (German) …….. Gyorgyhaza (Hungarian) …….. Velika Greda (Serb)

2. Margita (German) …………………. Nagymargita (Hungarian) …….. Margita (Serb)

3. Urmenhausen (German) …….. Urmenyhaza (Hungarian) ……..Jermenovci (Serb)

FHL Microfilms: The registration of parish and vital statistics records for Zichydorf and its filial parishes began in 1789. FHL microfilms with parish records for Zichydorf can be ordered on loan for viewing at your nearest Family History Center (FHC) as follows:

FHL Microfilm #1190365

Microfilm #1190366

  • Marriage records (5 Oct 1789 – 7 Jul 1828)
  • Deaths (25 Aug 1789 – 24 Dec 1851)

Hence, the Zichydorf Village Association (ZVA) is concerned with genealogical research that also includes the villages of Georgshausen, Margita, and Urmenhausen.