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This was one of the later Banat villages, founded about 1869 by people from older villages, including Zichydorf , Ürményháza, and Setschan.


Skorenowatz/Szekelykeve/Gyurgyevo is located about 25 km SE of Pantschowa and 55 km south of Zichydorf. Church records for the residents are found at the nearby town of Brestowatz until they built their own church about 1892. According to the online Donauschwaben Village Lis t, it was known by these names:

  • German: Skorenowatz
  • Serbian: Skorenovac
  • Hungarian: Szekelykeve, Gyurgyevo
  • Spelling and/or dialect variants: Nadjdjerdjfalva, Djurdjevo

ZVA member Shirley Gibbard has compiled this list of German family names taken from census records for Szekelykeve in 1875 and 1882 which included land owners and tenant farmers. The village during these years was about 40% German speaking. Some of these people came from Zichydorf. Note the presence of Johann Nikels, who was instrumental in the immigration of the Bolen family to Canada. The Bolens were the first Zichydorf family to come to the area of Regina, Saskatchewan and were among the founding families of Zichydorf Colony, south of Regina. Michael Bolen married Maria Lichtfuss, whose father is also on this list, in Szekelykeve on 22 Nov 1895.

Shirley would also like to thank László Rudolf, who made a special research trip to the village for her and and obtained the book SZEKELYKEVE (SKORENOVAC) by Galambos Tibor, LO Press, Kovin, Serbia, 2001

Ankner Peter
Baches Kristof
Barth Sebastian
Bildi Michael, Jr.
Bildi Michael, Sr
Binsenberger Johann
Blümel A.
Ditrich Friedrich
Folkner Stefan
Franz Emilia
Fritz Michael
Geiser Mathias
Geiser Peter
Hech Andreas
Heidecker Konrad
Hermes Karl
Hinding widow
Hochbaum Kasper
Hochbaum Michael
Hoffmann Michael
Hubert Leopold
Hügel Adam
Hügel Kaspar
Jakob Anton
Jung Josef
Kaufmann Johann
Kaufmann Josef
Kaufmann Margaretha
Keller Anton
Kichler Elisabeth
Kleckner, widow
Kneip Johann
Kneip Mathias
Koch Michael
Kollar Augustin
Kollar Josef
Kollar Theresia
Lang Johann
Leban Anton
Lichtfuss Christian
Lichtfuss Nikolaus
Lorenz Kristof
Mathesz Johann
Mayer Josef
Minich Anton
Minich Anton
Minich Emil
Minich Martin
Minich Peter
Müller Nikolaus
Niesner Anton
Niesner Jakob
Nikels Ignatz
Nikels Johann
Nikels Johann, Jr.
Obertl Josef
Ortmann Kasper, Jr.
Ortmann Kasper, Sr.
Ott Josef
Paul Johann
Prohaszka Jacob
Rech Franz
Ries Heinrich
Roland Mathias
Rosmann Franz
Ruf Josef
Schibinger Adam
Schieber Adam
Schieber Josef
Schieber Mathias
Schiermann Peter, Jr.
Schiermann Peter, Sr.
Schilz Mathias
Schreiner Josef
Schulz Johann
Schwan Anton
Seibel Katharina
Siedler Josef
Simon Jakob
Simon Josef
Simon Peter
Simon Wendel
Singer Georg
Steiner Ede
Tendler Michael
Valeri Kristof
Vogel Jakob
Waldeck Peter
Weber Christian
Weis Adam
Wekl Mathias
Werth Johann
Wolf Lorenz