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St. Mary’s Church Records – Regina


(In December 2012, the records discussed in this article were posted online by the Family History Library. Go to > Search > Catalog > Enter “Regina” as the Place > Select Canada, Saskatchewan, Regina and click Search > Select church records from the list.)

The following lists are extracted from the parish registers of St. Mary’s Church in Regina Saskatchewan, Canada from 1883 to 1910, FHL microfilm #1032949. The list includes surnames that are known to be from Zichydorf, some that are suspected to be from Zichydorf, and some that are not from Zichydorf, but who are connected to Zichydorf families by marriage. Some of the baptisms were performed in other locations where there was no church and recorded in the St. Mary’s registers. Names are recorded as spelled in the register.

The primary purpose of this list is as a finding aid for the microfilm. Note that extractions, by definition, pick and choose the names in the list. It is entirely possible that some names may have been missed. Furthermore, all extractions are secondary research sources subject to transcription and other errors. Researchers should always verify information at the primary source.

The microfilm contains additional information that is not included here for space reasons. Some things left off this list include godparents, location of birth (if other than Regina), parents of marrying couples, etc.

This list was compiled by a dedicated researcher who chooses to remain anonymous. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and concern for the integrity of your research.

Abbreviation n/g = not given

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