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The Pioneers

Title: Remember to Tell the Children: The Pioneers – Book 1 of a trilogy


Author: Henry A. Fischer

Year: 2006

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Ray Borschowa

Review/Description: Remember To Tell the Children: The Pioneers is the first book in a trilogy of historical fiction by Henry A. Fischer, of Oshawa, Ontario. Inspired by a promise he made to his mother to “remember to tell the children,” Mr. Fischer first wrote Children of the Danube, the story of the migration to the Banat by his ancestors. The sequel to tell the rest of their story evolved into this new trilogy. Instead of authoring a dry historical document, he brings the story to life by weaving political history together with family history and family stories to create characters. Although it is history, it reads like a novel. And, although it takes place in Hungary, north and west of the Banat, I am sure that the experiences would be similar. For those who are not keen on historical research, this book should be a painless way to understand what life was like for their pioneering ancestors 250 years ago by a historian who tells a good story. I have to admit that other responsibilities did not allow me the time to read the whole book, but I did read the first couple of chapters to get a feel for it and I came to the conclusion that it looked like a good read.