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Title: Triebswetter: A Village in the Banat – Its Past and Its People

Author: Dr. Anton Peter Petri & Dr. Josef Wolf; translated by Henry A. Fischer

Year: 2016

Media Type: Book

Lending Status : Borrow

How Acquired: ZVA purchase for SGS

Review/Description: This book is not a Familienbuch, with families reconstructed from church records. Rather, it is a portrait of a distinctive Banat village, lovingly compiled by former residents from numerous documents and historical accounts. The book was originally published in Germany in 1983 by The Heimatortsgemeinschaft Triebswetter (Association of Former Residents of Triebswetter). It covers the history of the village from its founding in 1772 through to the Baragan Deportation in the 1950s. It contains many tables and lists, including a list of the original settlers and their origins, as well as 115 pictures and two maps. The authors had access to the parish history book and other archived material enabling a more detailed treatment than most other local history books. Since this was a French village, the book covers overall French settlement in the Banat in some detail in addition to describing the “French Movement” during and after World War II.