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Zichydorf family groupings

Title: Familienbuch der katholischen Gemeinde Zichydorf im Banat 1789-1945 (2002) (Family book for the Catholic community of Zichydorf in Banat 1789-1945 (2002))

Author: Helmut Kaiser

Year: 2008

Media Type: CD

Lending Status: Reference

How Acquired: Donated by Helmut Kaiser

Review/Description: Helmut has produced a 2008 version of the family book. This is a grouping of family members extracted from the church books. It has some additions and corrections to the 2005 version from Ken Hohban, Ray Borschowa, and some others. There is also some new data from Kathreinfeld, Nakodorf, Grabatz, Deutsch-Stamora, Molidorf, and Bogarosch. This work is based on the original Ortssippenbuch by Peter Noll. This is a secondary source and errors can creep in, so researchers should use the dates and page numbers in this work to verify the information with the microfilmed records.