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Zichydorf history (English)

Title: History of the Village of Zichydorf

Author: Johann Achtzehner, translated by Elisabeth Grob-Hugel

Year: 2000

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Liz Hugel

Review/Description: Geschicte der Gemeinde Zichydorf, the history of the community of Zichydorf, by Johann Achtzehner, has been translated into English by Liz Hugel (nee Grob) of Regina. Liz, a one-time resident of Zichydorf, was given permission by the author to publish a translation. This valuable little book provides a complete picture of life in Zichydorf from its founding until after World War II. It describes the founding and growth of the town, complete with local customs, population statistics, and names of municipal office holders.