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Zrenjanin Diocese Parishes

Title: Adalékok a Zrenjanini-Nagybecskereki Egyházmegye történetéhez (History of the Parishes of the Diocese of Zrenjanin-Nagybecskerek)

Author : Erös Lajos

Year: 1993

Media Type: Book

Lending Status: Borrow

How Acquired: Donated by Laszlo Rudolf

Review /Description: If you have not already guessed by the title, let me warn you: This book is in Hungarian. However, do not be too discouraged. Much of the information is names and dates and numbers. The first third of the book is a history of the diocese. The second third is a brief history of each of the parishes. These histories are arranged under 23 headings which are translated into English in an insert inside the front cover. Most of it should be pretty decipherable, however, we will try to get several of the highest interest parishes translated ASAP. The last third of the book includes brief biographies of the various priests and other features.