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  • Apfeldorf/Jabuka Land Records

    This PDF file contains the 1870 land records for Apfeldorf/Jabuka. There is also a file to help you interpret the records. See also the page title Cadastre Land Records for…

  • Cadastre Land Records

      ZVA has acquired copies of many cadastre records for the villages of Zichydorf, Györgyháza, Setschanfeld, Gross Gaj, Ürményháza, and Heideschütz for various years. These are records of property ownership…

  • Zichydorf in the 1860s

      This is a translation of a typewritten copy of an older document. Sections 1, 3, and 4 were dated October 25th, 1859 and section 2 was added at the…

  • Maps & Satellite Views

    Here are several links to useful maps of eastern Europe.