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Zichydorf in the 1860s


This is a translation of a typewritten copy of an older document. Sections 1, 3, and 4 were dated October 25th, 1859 and section 2 was added at the end, out of sequence, on September 24th, 1860.

The translation puts section 2 back in the correct order. Both were signed by Johann Blázy, notary. However, at the ver y beginning, it is dated July 5th, 1864 with the name of Johann Gruczar, notary. It seems that Blázy was the original author and Gruczar later signed off on his work. The copy we worked from has the name stamp of Dr. Anton P. Petri of Mühldorf/Inn at the beginning and the end. This seems to be a photocopy of Dr. Petri’s personal copy. Perhaps he is the person who typed this version from the original. He was a prolific Banat historian and author. You can learn a little bit about him here.

This seems to be some sort of official description of the community intended to inform some government agency. It seems to be compiled from several folios of original information. It begins with the notation “Torontal V, fol. 417-433” and folio numbers appear throughout the document. If anyone recognizes this document, please help us identify it by contacting the Zichydorf Village Association.

We have retained the spelling of place names from the original, even though other spellings may be more familiar. We were unable to translate some of the terms that are either no longer in use or were peculiar to that place and time. In those cases, the word is in italics. Often there is a note to explain the term or give our best guess. If anyone can correct or clarify any of our translations, please contact the Zichydorf Village Association. This document is rather lengthy for posting, running 14 pages, so please download it from the link below.

Translation by Henry Fischer, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Additional translation by:

Helmut Birg, Ottobrunn, Germany

Elisabeth Hugel, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Franz-Josef Wagner, Warendorf, Germany


Edited by Glenn Schwartz, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada